Friday The 13 With Full Moon!

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Hey guys have you heard about Friday the 13? Well if you haven’t ill tell you. 

You all maybe knowing that friday the 13 is considered evil. Well i guess, some of what they say are myths about that day. But as far as i know, it’s Unlucky!

But hey you know, this time Friday the thirteenth is coming with a Full Moon also! And guess what? Its today! To learn more information about it you can go here. I am actually pretty scared, because i heard that it’s spooky! And also because i am hearing it the first time. And you know when friday the 13 is coming again? 2049! Friday the 13 comes every 25 or 35 years and it’s very rare!

Here are the dates of when next it’s going to happen:

Friday the 13 in 2049

Friday the 13 in 2063

Friday the 13 in 2065

Friday the 13 in 2082…

Friday the 13!

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  1. Madhu says:

    Hi Pari,
    Its been long. How have you been? I did not know that you have resumed your writing. I used to get updates through your moms website in Facebook but somehow they seem to have stopped. Anyway, I am glad that I checked your site at least now!

    Indeed its Friday the 13th!

    I also know a myth about this date. I am sure you are interested; so here it is. I studied my Masters in London, UK. London is a very traditional city filled with horror stories and myths. Worst than villages in India, if you will. Anyway, long time ago in 1966, The Great Fire of London had destroyed the city. The fire lasted for 3 days and by the time the final spark was put out and the death count taken, it was Friday. 13th. Due to a lot of political issues during that time, apparently the duke had issued a death count in single digits. In reality, apparently, 1000’s of people perished. In protest against that statement made by Duke, all the souls who has perished haunt the city of London till date.

    Now, dont ask me if its fake or real but thats what I have heard!


    • Pari says:

      Yes, Madhu. Since many days i had stopped doing posts. Actually, it’s better you check out my blog to see posts. becuase mamma dosen’t share all the posts i’ve done on Facebook.
      Oh my that’s scary, that this incident happened on Friday the 13! with me nothing happened, on that day. Well, maybe this can also be fake? I don’t know. But on many sites i read, that not to go anywhere out of the house on friday the 13. I don’t know why it’s considered spooky. But if this incident you told me is true, friday the 13 actually maybe spooky! Oh Thanks for telling me. I didn’t know that London has lots of myths and horror stories. Am very scared to hear this incident in london.
      Lots of people may have died.


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