Lighting Fire Without Matches!


fire friction


Since i was a kid i loved to light candles, with matchsticks. And i was also very fascinated by lighting fire with stones and sticks. Me and my friends always tried to do it where we used to live(In a society) But the guards never allowed us to do that.



We once brought everything ready for lighting the fire, with sticks twigs, weeds. And almost made huge sparks, with stones, but by that time the guard came and refused to light fire in the park. We told them that in the festival of Lori, you all light fire here too, so why can’t we? But no:( So i thought to try that idea here in our yard, because here nobody will say no, if i light fire. So i ¬†learned some techniques from here. Hope you will try these idea’s too:-)

And here’s something i found, it has many different types of techniques of lighting fire without matchsticks and lighters. Click¬†here.















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