Behind The Scenes Of An Insta Picture – #4: The Colorful Building

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It, was evening. I was in the car on the way from my class when I spotted a building. Not just any building, a cute, colorful, instagram-worthy building..
“Oh.. my god. Oh, my god!!” I couldn’t stop squealing and annoying my dad by the thousands of times I asked him to stop there for the picture. (This just shows how Instagram is part of my mind now, hahaha!) “It’s really REALLY far from where we are right now, we can come later, please..” My dad said. As I dragged my excitement home, I simply couldn’t help but try to go there later that evening. “Please?” I asked my mom. “I haven’t posted a picture in three days!” That building was a big, BIG thing for me, as you don’t really get to see much buildings like that in India.

The Colorful Building

“Um, we don’t need that bag..” I thought, as my mom was sitting on the scooter waiting for me with a colorful bag slung over her shoulder. We were getting ready to go for the photoshoot of the building! “I think she needs it to keep the phone and stuff I think,” I thought, as I sat on the scooter.

We bumped up and down on the pebbly, dusty road. Mamma didn’t know where the building was, so she had taking very vague instructions from Papa. “Pari, are you sure we are on the right road?” She kept asking me. As we went on, I crossed my fingers – there it was. The building. “Lets go!” I said, jumping off the scooter.

Wow, I said, staring at the building. “This is SO insta-good!” We stood in front of the colorful walls, clicking away. “You know what mamma, lets try a picture of that bag of yours.” I slung the bag in front.


Behind the scenes of the picture of the bag!

“That’s much better!” peeking over to see how the picture of that bag had come out. “Good you brought that bag of yours!” I was super satisfied. “Haha, see?” Mamma replied back.

This is just another one of the million examples that things can come when you least expect them.

So take risks.

You never know what might come in handy.

As we went back on that scooter with a satisfied feeling in my head, I reminded myself not to think why she brought that bag again.

Our scooter in front of the building!

Or anything else.

As we rode ahead on the scooter, I started feeling tired and dizzy. “Are you hungry?” mamma asked. “Um yeah, actuallyno, okay yea, yea, a bit.” I hadn’t realized that the dizziness was because my stomach needed refurbishing. We parked the scooter and walked down towards the mall.

It was such a relief. I had some cripsy, golden colored and HOT momos, where as mamma had some Pani Puri.

As I came home, cuddled in the chair, I didn’t post the picture we had gone to take a picture of. I posted the picture of the bag. “I’ll post that other picture we took next time..”

Hope you enjoyed the post! I made it a bit longer and shared more pictures and little story of us roaming around, going to the mall 🙂 Hehe. I’m sorry it was a bit delayed. I have many more stories coming up very soon! I won’t show you the other picture that we had taken there as it will be up as another instagram post soon! Don’t forget to follow me on there so you don’t miss it! Here’s my page. And check out the top picture I shared here on my instagram.

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Love you guys so so so much! Bye!


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  1. Srishti says:

    Oh man, really eventful that was! Lovely picture as well. The pictures are still not loaded on my screen as I finished reading this post. There is no electricity :(. Will check them later. Could only see the building. Do you know this building belongs to Goa police. Every time we pass though this building, we are amazed as we have never seen a police building so artistically colored! Good pick Pari. BTW, the post was very engaging so didn’t find it long at all :).

    • Parinita says:

      Hey Mami!! Thank you! Yes, I love the picture too. Glad you found the post engaging, good it wasn’t too long. Oh yes! Even i’m very surprised that it’s a police building! I LOVE the colors of it and the way it’s painted. You’re right, it’s done so artistically. Fancy seeing a police building colored like that! I was so stoked to find this, I HAD to take a picture. 😀

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