Behind The Scenes Of An Insta Picture – #3: The Fault In Our Stars Book

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fault in our stars bts #3

Sometimes, even the simplest things have a complicated story behind them.

“I have to take an Instagram picture for today!” I was eyeing around the house, stacking up blue books, taking pictures of a blue drawer, blue DVDs in a cabinet, and… so on. “Nothing seemed to click, yet,” I said to Mamma. Taking Instagram pictures has become part of my day now, and my day seems incomplete without it. I had to take something!

Taking Instagram pictures was the best thing ever; but sometimes it can be extremely hard to come up with THE idea. Dozens of times I would take an amazing picture but then realize it doesn’t fit my theme. “This doesn’t have enough blue in it, it has to be more prominent.” I said, frowning. “What about that picture of the stacked up blue books? It was good, I thought”, said Mamma, trying to convince me. I shook my head. I couldn’t. When I had an idea for a perfect Instagram picture, I would nod my head till it hurt – get trampled because I was so excited. But this, wasn’t working out.

It was kinda hopeless. Until – this.

“You know what,”  I said to mamma, grabbing a blue book – “All I’m going to do is take this in front of a white wall. That is it.” “Yeah, that’ll look nice, I think,” Mamma said. I took hold of the blue ‘Fault In Our Stars’ book, positioned it in front of the white wall, and that’s it. Click. Done. Okay, “I know this is very simple, and it didn’t take any effort, yet.. I thought, writing a caption for the picture. …Yet I guess it’ll work. Besides – it goes with my theme! I breathed out as I clicked “Post”.

When I had grabbed that book, I knew in my subconscious it was the right one. I didn’t have to go around choosing another book. love that book. People love that book. And then, some things in life are better off unplanned.

When I was scrolling through my feed, the picture was really going with the theme. I was honestly really liking it. Ya know, just a blue book in front of a white wall. Sure, that novel is amazing – everybody loves it. It was not like my other pictures – in which it would take me an hour to finally hear the sound, “click.”

I’d made a good choice. That picture got a ton of likes.

But, you know, it’s not really about the ‘likes’. Nor that people loved that picture. Actually, it is that people loved it. That however simple it was, felt satisfied with it. Because,

It’s that sometimes, the simplest things in life, in this case the simplest picture – is the best.


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