10 Instagram Feeds/Accounts That I LOVE, & You Should Follow NOW!

6 Accounts You Should Follow!

Instagram feeds are a BIG thing these days. And I have to say, I agree – I love instagram accounts with good feeds. Accounts that when you scroll through their pictures, every photo goes together. Every photo compliments each other. But quickly, if you don’t know, what exactly is a “feed”?

Basically, a feed/theme/stream is when you are scrolling through a persons account, you find that all their pictures go together – it all looks aesthetically pleasing. Some people may only have a black and white feed – where all their pictures are black and white, some may have a blue feed, pink feed. Some may not have any specific “color” in their feed, but however, the pictures have the same feel to it.

I have a Instagram feed too – it’s all pink and blue. And, it goes alternatively. Here’s a look at what my feed looks like:

My instagram feed (@parinitajaaju) :)

And ofcourse, I would love if you would check out my page, and maybe follow 🙂

As you can see, everything is colorful, and blue and pink – everything is going together. But since we all appreciate Instagram feeds so much, we need more. Hence here are 10 Instagram feeds that I love! These are feeds that I adore, and that you may want to follow too. Not every feed has the same color, or subject, but they are all beautiful.

1. AlishaMarie
1. Alisha Marie

Oh my gosh, do I love her Instagram! She’s definitely my favorite. Not only is she my absolute FAVORITE youtuber, but favorite Instagrammer too. Her feed is simply gorgeous! Bright, colorful, white with pops of color.. <3 

2. Runnerkimhall

2. Runnerkimhall

If you are a dreamer, come in.. True what they say in their bio. The beautiful bright, classic and exquisite feed will satisfy your dreams and leave you up in the sky, like it does to me! I truly fervor it. Definitely one of my favorite accounts/feeds.

3. #Hashtag White Feed

3. #Hashtag White feed

Isn’t this truly beautiful? A completely white feed. White is a beautiful color, and when you scroll through this feed it’s truly looks charming! White shoes, white outfits, white walls, fashion.. Ah!

4. Carly Cristman

Grey theme @ carlycristman

Gorgeous, right? The perfect, grey/black and white feed. All these picture compliment each other so well! Grey skies, black grey outfits, white buildings, white flowers. Bright, and just so so so fun to scroll through and see a whole pack of pictures in this one color. Beautifully well-kept feed!

5. Unlimited Minimal

5. Unlimited Minimal

Some things look BEST when they are simple, and minimal. Everything needs some simplicity in it. And that’s what this account is all about! Neat, negative-spaced, and minimal pictures. It’s so unique, and I adore the neat-and-clean look of it. And the fact that’s it’s all so charming and bright! Us humans overcomplicate things. This reminds me that sometimes the simplest, negative- paced things, still look beautiful.

6. The Visuals Collective

4. The Visuals Collective

SPELL-bounding, right!? Absolutely stunning, professional photography. The lighting, sunlight, this is what photography is all about. I love the depth in their pictures, the crispiness. It feels, and looks magical. The name suits it – the visuals collective. Oh yeah. 

7. Mundane Distraction 

7. Mundane Distraction

These pictures are.. I don’t know. It’s simple astonishing. The sceneries, the brightness, the sea, the flowers.. It’s just, heaven. Heaven of serenity, bright blue waters.. Get lost in the world of beauty.

8. I Have This Thing With Blue

3. I Have This Thing With Blue

Nice account name, isn’t it? Their feed is full of joyful shades of blue! It’s a bit more on the abstract side, and I love the soothing effect of some of the blue skies, blue things! Whether it’s blue skies, blue threads, blue jeans, blue floors. I LOVE blue, and I know you do too! (Maybe.) But hey, blue is the most favorite color of the world, haha! Fun fact!

9. I Have This Thing With Pink

9. I Have This Thing With Pink

The cute, girly and pinkest account you will see on this list. If you are a pink lover, this is the one for you. Pink flowers, pink windows.. And I like the fact that the pinks are not overwhelming/tacky! It looks neat. <3!

10. Sam Ushiro

10. Sam Ushiro

Phew! Almost there. Last but DEFINETILY not least! Sam Ushiro. Ah, now this is just colorfulness PARADISE! Am I right? Everything is just all so cutsy and colorful! This is colorful-ness. I personally really like this account and it’s feed, since I love colorful and bright pictures (as you can probably tell by the type of accounts I’ve shown!)


Well.. Those were the accounts I showed! I honestly LOVED doing this post because of the fact that I’m obbsessed with Instagram, haha! I know there are never too many Instagram accounts to follow, and take insipiration from. Hopefully you liked atleast 1 of them and It maybe inspired you for your own pictures as it did for me. Inspiration is one of the best ways to get better at your photography.  Oh, and I would love to do a part 2 since I still have many many more feeds I would want to share. Would you guys want that? You know what, I’ll do it. That’ll be my next post!

Speaking of that, don’t forget to check out my ‘Instagram Tips & Tricks’ post! It shows tons of ways you can get better at your photography, plus tricks.

‘Sit! Love ya, bye!

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