What Freedom Means To Me: Happy Independence Day

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India’s Independence Day is on August 15. It makes me think how our country got freedom.
I think a lot about Gandhiji and how he fought for our country’s freedom.

It also makes me think about my freedom. When I was in school, we were given lot of study and homework.
There were some things that I didn’t like to do. Like writing continuously – Hindi, English, GK. Ma’am explained slowly, which was boring to me.
I would finish writing a page but Ma’am would tell only four or five words. And the questions were very easy. I wanted something more difficult and challenging.

We had to study for six or seven hours. And coming back home, we had homework. At school, we went to play games in hot sun. It was fun but I used to have headache and feel tired. In our games class there was a huge trampoline but Ma’am didn’t allow us to jump on it.

I didn’t like to study Hindi at all. But Ma’am taught us Hindi a lot. It was one-hour long. In our library class, Ma’am chose the book and gave us. I wanted to take the book that I liked to read.

In my home-school, no one forces me to do anything. If I don’t want to do Hindi, Mamma doesn’t force me. But she reads Hindi stories to me. Also, If I want to see TV, Mamma lets me do that. In home-school, I can also do science experiments. I get lot of time to do my breakfast but at school, I only got 20 or 30 mins. But, this does not mean I’ll always see TV. I paint, I read many books, I now write for the blog. I play a lot.

I like to dance. I’m learning western dance but I want to learn Kathak too. For Independence Day, I’m going to dance with my friends on the song – Vande Mataram.

If we get freedom, we can do anything we want. But it doesn’t mean we can eat 20 chocolates at a time. I hope you now understand what freedom means to me in home school as compared to earlier in school.

The painting on the top I made two days back for Independence Day.

Happy Friday to you folks.  Every friday I and my father have a party at home! Hope you have a nice weekend.

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  1. Sadhana Bhagwat says:

    Hey Pari gombe, very impressed!!! yes, now i know what you mean by independence! it also comes with a lot of responsibility which i am sure you will be well guided by your lovely parents!!! Keep it up gombe and all the best! JAI HIND! JAI BHARAT!!

    • admin says:

      thank you!
      sadhi Didi i love the comment you send me.
      i love this word gombe
      i was pleading that that please janu ma tell someone to send mails to me and Didi you did, i am very happy and lot more mails have come so at last. and i am happy that i have freedom. today morning a program was there for independence day and it also had lots of game i loved it
      OK bye didi i love that i have written a good mail. and i hope you also love it, keep sending me mails like this thank you again didi we will meet soon

      bye and cheers of-course happy independence day

      you pari

  2. Kimira says:

    Dear Pari

    I am a fan of your mom and now I am a fan of yours too. I am very happy for your blog and that it gives you a wonderful avenue to write. Keep it up!

  3. Mamma @ Mommy Labs says:

    Your thoughts really touched my heart, Pari. Really – this is what freedom is about – to be able to follow our interests, do as we wish, play as much as we want. And – hey – jump on trampoline till it breaks! (oops that’s what happened yesterday! But, never mind, we’ll fix it!) 🙂

    • admin says:

      Did you know you talk so sweetly and that was a nice joke – the trampoline one i was
      laughing in my heart and you are looking
      so cute in the photo next to your mail.
      i hope you got it. let it go. anyways at last i got ten comments cutie pie your
      daughter pari love you and will keep sending
      you mails. BUT even you have to send me for my blog also please cutie pie send Na OTHER whys i will be angry any ways stop those naughty angry faces i loved the program which was there for independence day and art competition was also good oh! sorry i mean it was amazing. i love you BYE i have to go to sleep nice jokes ah!

  4. Mami says:

    My dear Pari, This post has so much depth that after reading your thoughts, I started thinking that what freedom means to me?! Have a very happy Independence Day!
    Sarah wants to meet you so come home soon. She tells me daily that she wants to meet Pari and play with her 🙂

  5. Sunita says:

    Dear Pari, I love reading your mommy’s blog, and now I love reading yours too! Happy Independence! I live in New York State, way up near Canada, and here, too, we will be celebrating India’s Independence. I have already learned from your blog: I never knew about pic monkey, nor have I seen any of the Ice Age movies. I will have to check both those things out. Keep writing because you are teaching me a lot of new things!

  6. PnPs Mumma says:

    Hey Pari dear..
    Your thoughts are so clear and your writing is impressive. I am going to starting following your blog as i do your mummy’s. Hope to see many more posts from your end. Happy Writing.

  7. Siya Aneja says:

    Hello Pari, I am Siya Aneja. I am 6 years old too and in class 1. I really liked your blog and your paintings are awesome! Can we be friends? Do share some details of yours.

    Freedom to me means freedom to play as much as I want from morning to night. Play hoola-hoop, hide-n-seek, chickelets (my favorite game)etc.

  8. Rachna Aneja says:

    Pari.. today I realize that there are no boundaries to creativenees.. their’s an artist budding in you, which is amazing to see. I made my daughter Siya, who is almost your age, read your blog and she really liked it. Since then she is fantasizing on having a blog of her own 🙂

  9. Lori Gosselin says:

    Hi Pari,
    You are a brave and adventurous soul and I commend you for starting a blog! I think it’s so special that blogging is something you can share with your mother. I hope you enjoy this wonderful journey! 🙂

  10. Winnie says:

    Hi, Pari. You have a lovely blog. I love the name you chose. I love art, and your drawing for India’s independance day is awesome. I hope you have a great time with your blog. I am a new blogger (since March) and love the idea that I can share my card designs with people all over the world!

  11. Siya Aneja says:

    Hello Pari, I have come to Agra with my family. Today I have been to Fatehpur Sikri. I want to share the experience with you. In Fatehpur Sikri, thier lived Mughal Emperor. His name was Akbar. Akbar had made Fatehpur Sikri for his beloved son “Salim”. Salim was also known as “Jahangir”. Jahangir name was given when he became king. Jahangir’s son was Shahjahan. Shahjahan had made Taj Mahal for his beloved wife “Mumtaz”. Shahjahan’s son was Aurangzeb. Aurangzeb tried to kill his father because he wanted to be the king but he could not kill him. Auranzeb’s son was Bahadur Shah. After him the Mughals emperor were destroyed by Britishers.
    Fatehpur has “Buland Gate”. It is 134 feet tall and is tallest gate in Asia. We also saw a Dargah, which is a prayer room. Dargah’s top is made of sea shells and it was looking very beautiful. Dargah’s door was made of “Ebony” wood. It is only wood that drowns in water because it is very heavy.
    That is all what I want to share. Hope to hear from you soon.

    • pari @ tinkerearth says:

      amazing siya
      you sent me such a long mail. i also went to agra and my other friend too,i also love agra. it has lot of greenery and the palace was so beautiful.
      you told me so many details
      about agra. Have you went to a beaches i love beaches really they have beautiful waves some have huge some don’t
      have but i love beaches. keep posting new comments.


  12. Prabha says:

    Pari, I came to know about your blogging initiative few days back. I am returning back to read your posts and comment. I read your mommy’s blog and she reads mine too. I am curious to read many of your posts. I will be checking it in a very curious manner.

    You said, ======If we get freedom, we can do anything we want. But it doesn’t mean we can eat 20 chocolates at a time. ======

    By expressing this, you have actually shared a very big thing about ‘Freedom’ . I feel that you are saying — ‘Allowing Freedom’ does not make any children choose unhealthy habits. Instead your thought reinforces that having freedom will actually make children enjoy learning with a more free mind and helps us achieve anything we want. hugs.

  13. parinitajaju says:

    i love you mamma and will keep…
    and you know one day libna came down and said
    HAD NOT BEEN RELEASED I WAS SHOCKED HEARING THAT…so i went home and asked papa that you now libna was saying she has already watched ice age 7 but i don’t think so ice age 7 has releasd the papa said ufcourse not she must be joking so then i thought that if ice age 7 has not been released how can she watch it…? oh she must be jokeing i am right i thought this only but on her face it was looking it was true oh what a fool i am she must be acting… and she is good in it i think.. ha.. ha.. ha.. ………..

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