Watercolour Painting: Red Crabs on The Early Morning Beach

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Just recently I made a drawing of red crabs on the shore with colours of the rising sun. Actually, today I got a parcel that I had ordered online from ”Itsy Bitsy”.in and I also ordered a ”Foam Stamp” with a crab shape on it to stamp it , and from that I got inspired about this Crabby Art. It was really fun making this as I was sitting next to mamma while she was working on her leaf art.

Crabby art.

Mamma and I always spend time with each other doing art or helping each other out in the kitchen or with crafts. So well when this art was finished I felt satisfied. Mamma and all others whom I showed this, said good things about it.

To make this art, I used a sponge to create the texture sand effects.

Red crabs on the beach art

I hope you like what I made… Wouldn’t you also feel satisfied if you did something nice? I think you would and the same with me.

And hey, red crabs are unique – read about these beautiful creatures.

I got to know about red crabs because of mamma, she told me”where she lived, had a beach near by( Chandipur beach) she would go there quite often and she used to see loads of red crabs there, that’s how this art idea came to me.)

That’s it, i hope you liked my post and my art, If you have and idea for me please do share it with me so I can keep doing posts.:-)

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  1. Anita Roy says:

    Lovely vibrant colours Pari. I like the crabs but I love the colours of the sand even more.

    Also I’m happy that the two of you paint together. Do you talk much when you paint together or is there mostly silence?

    • Pari says:

      Hello anita, no i don’t think we don’t talk too much but we still talk we share ideas with each other. Thank you for your quick response, i was waiting for someone’s response soon, please commenting on my new blog posts..:-)

  2. laura says:

    We, my daughter Hannah and I really like your beautiful picture! So colorful and creative! Thank you for sharing it and telling us how you made it. Love the story about the red crabs!

    • Pari says:

      Yes melissa, thank you for encouraging me. I sit just beside mamma, she does her art and I write my posts, and whenever I need her help I ask her.

  3. Mami says:

    Hey Pari,
    Lovely painting. I was waiting for the pictures on this post. When you were in Goa, I visited your blog page and read this post. At that time the pictures of painting were missing from here. I love this idea. I plan to do something like this with Sarah today. Hope she will also enjoy it as you did !
    Lots of love

    • Pari says:

      Thank you mami. yes actually when i was in goa i by mistake published this post, i only had to post some pics. Mami i will surly write a post everyday. Please keep reading.

      • Pari says:

        Oh and yes when u do that art with sarah surly tell me how it looks I will love to see it. Plus how is she I didn’t see her for many days take sarah and come to our house some day.:-)

        • Mami says:

          If possible, will come on Sunday. Sufiana will turn 3 months old that day! Sarah is having cold right now so don’t want to come with her as Sufiana might catch cold from her 🙁

          • Pari says:

            Oh okay, did sarah really catch cold!? that’s so sad. This changing weather season is really effecting everyone pappa and mamma have also catch cough and cold.:-(

  4. Sadhana Bhagwat says:

    Hi Pari, what a beautiful painting! you are getting better each day. try and paint your little sister or her lovely room! take care sweetie pie

  5. Deeksha says:

    Dear Pari Didi,

    Loved your art. I will grow big soon and create beautiful paintings like you do. Kisses to you and baby Sufiana..

    Lots of love

    (Hope you remember me) 🙂

  6. Priya says:

    Dear Pari

    I did not know that you had a blog of your own! 🙂 Now I will follow it too as I do with your mom’s!

    I love the painting….the bright colours and the way you have blended the colours, one into the other….it is beautiful and eye-catching!

    I also loved the way you write, especially your story about the red crabs….do keep going.

  7. Pari says:

    Oh actually priya i thought you do know my blog. Because on my other posts you commented!
    thank you for the reply. I liked a lot what you wrote, thank you for encouraging me i will keep doing more paintings ad write about them.

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