A Watercolor Valentine’s Calendar

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Beautiful Handmade Calendar
I’m always excited to do watercolor art. There’s some beauty in it. It can easily merge into anything, it has the softness.

And i made a watercolor art. (picture is above). It’s a really unique type of art, and it’s beautiful. This is the first time i’m making a calendar art like this.

handmade calendar

At first I was doing January 2015, but then Mamma gave me the idea to do February so i can really use it. Because January is almost over.

So now, it’s use-able, and I can treat it as a real calendar! I ‘ve also marked festivals, along with some hearts, ‘coz valentine’s day is around, and it’s could be a valentine’s day art too!


Speaking of calendars, I just found some information about calendars.  And they’re pretty interesting!

  1. The English word calendar is derived from the Latin word kalendae, which was the Latin name of the first day of every month. 
  2. The lunisolar Hindu calendars are some of the most ancient calendars of the world.
  3. The history of calendars spans several thousand years.
  4. The modern calendar was introduced in 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII (Gregorian calendar).

These 4 simple facts are really informative. I found the first, and second last fact really surprising. Which one did you find interesting?

I’ve done lots of more watercolor paintings, and shared it on my blog. If you’ve missed them, do check them out!

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This art is Inspired by Elvie’s Studio.

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