Watercolour Blob Art – Let Your Imagination Soar!

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I found this pin on Pinterest a week back about watercolor blob art which i thought was a great idea. Then, i visited the link to the pin and found the website elvie studio. She shares creative art and craft(mostly art) ideas and is an artist. After looking at her blog, I looked at her post about Watercolor blob art which turned out so cute. You can turn just a blob of watercolor into cute birds and other farm animals just with a pen, some watercolor paint, a brush, some water (to rinse the brush) and watercolor paper!


I first made small blobs with watercolor. It has to be quite dilute and light in colour  And because i put lots of water in the paint, to dilute it, i used a water colour paper with high GSM (300) so that the paper won’t become wavy. I bought this pack of paper from an art supply store in Panjim (Goa). It’s called – Artoriam. It’s a really useful art supply shop.

Then I outlined the blobs with a Micron Pen.


And drew beaks, eyes, small wings and little birdie things…


And volia! You have a cute little bunch of birds/chickadees!

Hey, but I made more too. I got inspiration for piggies, bunnies, mousies – all from elvie studio!

Watercolor blob art-mousies!

I made the mousies next. To get the mouse shape you have to make the blobs a little larger and longish. Then, once your blob dries, slowly outline your shapes with a micron pen. Then make the whiskers, curled and long tails,  and a little nose!

As you can see, my mousies are all huddled together in a circle, so I added a little cheese piece in the centre to show the mice were gathered up because of that tasty bit of cheese!

Next came the piggies. I had to make fat blobs for the pigs. And then made a nose, eyes, spring-like tails.


And, hey, how could I not make bunnies!


Make big longish blobs. Draw the long bunny ears. Then make a mouth, eyes, and a cute little tail as you want. And you’re done!

So, there – my farm with a bunch of cute animals. And, need I say – Sufiana was so attracted to these paintings. Didn’t I tell ya – she loves animals!

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  1. Suma says:

    Thanks for sharing these Pari! Devang has also made a few of these and absolutely loves this form of art. Please keep sharing you art and other stories so we can also learn from them 🙂 Thnak you!

    • Parinita says:

      Welcome Suma! It’s a pleasure to see your son has done it before, and likes it. It’s lovely to see your comment. I will keep sharing art i make at home on my blog.

  2. Chachi says:

    Hey Pari dear, again a beautiful creative art. Very nice idea of blob art. Its so simple and so easy and look fab when you are done with that. Good going pari. Birds and the mousies are sooo cute loved it:)


  3. Parinita says:

    Hi Chachi,
    I am glad to know you liked the art.

    Yeah, it’s so simple and turns out so cute in the result. Especially the birds! They’re adorable. It’s cool how you can turn a blob of watercolor into such cute animals so easily.


  4. Madhu says:

    Wow Pari! This art looks very nice! I loved it!
    What do you do with all the art you make? Do you usually hang them in your room?

  5. Miquela says:

    What a great idea. As soon as I saw it, I asked Soëlie if she wanted to it, and she agreed. But as she started on a pink blob, she decided she wanted to draw flamingos and did her own thing. I’ll post pictures of her effort and share a line with you when I do.

  6. Parinita says:

    Hi Miquela,

    Thank you! Is Soelie your daughter? I’d love to be friends with her.

    Maybe she can try making watercolor art again, and this time she can continue doing the watercolor blob art. Great! I’d love to see the pictures of her drawing.

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