Valentine’s Craft: a Accoridan Book In a Matchbox

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Me and Mamma sat together to do some craft, about some weeks back.  “What should we do?” I asked her. Then we decided to do something with a matchbox, when mamma got reminded of this illustrater who illustrates pratham calendars and books(if you have read). She also does beautiful craft with matchboxes.

“It’s beautiful!” I said after we had half-finished our ready made piece. What we made was that we folded some paper(like you make a paper fan) and sticked it in the match box, then i glued some hearts on the paper, and depending on the heart we decided a word. Like if it’s light blue, the word is ‘Sky Blue’. And if it’s brown, the word will be ‘Sand Castle’. The whole night after we were finished I couldn’t resist thinking about the matchbox.


It’s fascinating, how you can turn a old rusty matchbox into something special. It can be valentine’s day craft too!


The words are: Scent of roses, Sunny sky, Fresh rose, Sunset, Underwater, Sand Castle, Crawling ladybugs, Deep blue sea, Star dust, Wild grass, Bright lotus, and Starry sky. 


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  1. Chachi says:

    Hi Pari,

    This idea is too good about reusing match box. And the craft looks so cute and yellow 🙂 one more idea is that using matchbox u can prepare small small sofa sets chairs and all, even that comes out very well. And happy valentine’s week Pari 🙂


    • Parinita says:

      I’m happy you like the idea, Chachi 😀 Good thought, even I’ve thought about making small sofa’s and chairs. They’ll look very cute! I’ll try them next time, and share it with you 🙂 Happy valentine’s week to you too <3

      Hope you're having fun in your new house!

  2. Mannu Mama says:

    Very interesting, Pari! I want to call this craft of yours a “micro-art”, for its size 🙂 A lot packed into an otherwise boring match-box!

    I’m guessing you have more ideas coming out of this to create other variants – like, what can go inside the box. Things that come to my mind now include short letters/notes, pictures of people with a one word tag to describe them or their hobby/interest, some kind of word or other games.. What else?! 🙂

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