Upcycle Business Cards Into Artful Gifts

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upcycled business cards

I recycled some business  cards into pieces of art, which I gifted to my mamma for her birthday. I made these using old business cards. Let me tell you how I made.


I painted the cards with water colour – in multiple hues. Then, I wrote some beautiful messages and affirmations on them. Pretty easy, isn’t it? So, now you too can make amazing gifts for your family and friends without spending a penny.


And hey, I have an idea. Tomorrow, I’m going to put all those cards together to make a collage and then get it framed. I’m going to arrange the cards vertically and horizontally on a big square cardboard. I think it’ll be neat. What do you say?

Once I do that, I’ll come back and show you how it turned out. Okay?!

Ah…and another recycled project. This curd box. I pasted some colorful confetti paper on it so it can hold those cards that I made. Also applied some acrylic paint.


See! Just a little imagination plus hard-work and you can turn waste into beautiful handmade gifts.

I hope you like my post. Keep sharing your thoughts and giving me new ideas.

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  1. Mami says:

    Once again, an amazing idea. I just loved these cards when I saw them on Rashmie’s birthday. You are right, when we gift something, what matters the most is the feelings behind the gift . It is easy to go and buy something expensive but it needs real thoughtfulness to think and make something like this for those we really love and care about. :). The gift you made for my birthday is there on my study table and I feel so happy looking at it !

  2. Pari says:

    Thank you. Actually me and mamma are thinking that we’ll frame all the cards, i wrote this thing in my blog post, i do not know if you read that part or not? And well thank you, actually i just ,made that in a hurry, because you were coming. Other wise i would make better than that!:-)

  3. Madhu says:

    It’s beautiful! I am sure your mom was thrilled.
    One more idea with business cards/ flowers. When I was about your age i did it. Take an empty juice carton..you know the small cardboard tropicana cartons we get? (Is it cardboard? Anyway, I hope you got what I meant).
    Fill it with water. Insert a rose or any favorite flower with stem touching the bottom. The flower has to be small enough to fit into the carton when you lightly close the cap on.
    Freeze this until the water is completely frozen inside. Now remove it from the freezer and gently tear the cardboard exposing the frozen water inside. With a rose in the middle, it makes a perfect centerpiece for your dinner table! I know it will melt in couple of hours but it’s stunning while it lasts. Perhaps your momma and you can come up with an idea how to keep it from melting for a little longer.

    You can also put in a bunch of your business cards inside instead of roses. Make sure the ink is not dissolvable though. Give it a go! It’s worth the effort 🙂

    • Pari says:

      Thank you madhu. My mom and me are totally thrilled by this idea, we’ll surly try this idea. And after it’s done we’ll show you how it’s turns out:-)…!

  4. Hema Bharadwaj says:

    Shall share with Zoya today! I like how you are sharing the steps to creating each project and all those lovely photos. I am sure they will inspire Zoya and me to upcycle and create more. Love, Hema (Zoya and Raghu’s Amma)

    • Pari says:

      Thank you hema. Yes and i will love if you share it with zoya too.It’s good that you and zoya love to recycle things, even i love to recycle, and and make new things!

  5. Khiyali says:

    Maybe I’ll try freezing flowers! It sounds very pretty.
    Do you mean the small tropicana boxes for 1 person, or the big ones?
    I might try the business cards as well. The decorated cup looks really nice — you could use it as a pen holder too.

  6. Madhu says:

    You can try the small single serving juice cartons or the big 1.5 liters one. Its doesn’t really matter. The only thing is, the small one’s tend to melt really fast. The big one’s tend to stay a little longer.
    Perhaps you can place a small plate of ice cubes underneath the center piece like we do when we serve cheese? Its fun to make and its pretty while it lasts 🙂 You could try this for a special occasion maybe. One tip though, use clear/pure water to freeze so that the flower is clearly visible inside when you tear the carton around.

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