Tape Resist Night Sky Art On Canvas

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Making Tape resist art is fun – I have to say that because it is easy to start off with. You just have to apply some tape on your art surface (paper/canvas). That gives you the framework in which you can paint or draw. Otherwise, doing art on a blank canvas maybe very daunting. Your mind can go blank.  That’s what happened with me when mamma gave me that canvas. I felt inhibited. I had no idea what I could paint or draw on it. And, if that might not come out well and spoil the canvas. Mamma and I discussed a bunch of ideas. Nothing appealed to me. Then mamma suddenly said: “Tape Resist? Should we do that?” And i jumped to it. Yes. We’ve done that in the past and I know how much i enjoyed it.

To do Tape resist Art:

Apply some tape making sure it sticks properly. So that it doesn’t come out while you’re painting or the paint will seep through. I painted on a stretched canvas. You can do Zentangle, figures etc. in the spaces between the tape. Or just apply paint in one color or more. What you get after you remove the tape looks gorgeous – solid chunks of paint in so many shapes. I used acrylic  color. Here’s how i started off with by sticking some tape.

Tape resist: Step 1- Putting Tape.

You can stick the tape in Zig Zag order. You can color or sketch in the blank spaces.

I chose to do a Night Sky painting, with all sorts of night-time elements. I painted the spaces in ink blue that had a nice pearl sheen to it. (Fevycryl’s pearl color kit). For the moon I chose the pearl white, and a black for the branches (I love silhouettes) on which the owl will sit. The owl was the toughest to make, so mamma helped me with it.

You can see more of our tape resist art over here on Mamma’s blog.

Here’s how it looked. (sorry about the sloppy photo. Our cameras had to be sent for repair. Mamma clicked this with phone camera, which is not great.)

me doing art night sky tape resist coloring owl

I thought my painting would be incomplete without stars. And took some white pearl paint and painted some dots with a really thin brush.

And there. My painting was almost ready. The one last thing – removing the tape. We were hesitant to remove it right then, for the paint was still wet. But, I couldn’t resist. Oh the fun of watching the art reveal itself as you slowly peel off the tape! (but hey, you gotta be careful with this step.)

And there. It was in my hands – a fine piece of art, I have to say – though it sounds like I’m boasting?! And the best part was that I made this along-side Mamma. (Yes, she made her own too.She might share on her blog.) It had been a long time that we’d made art together. With Sufiana, Mamma doesn’t get a long stretch of time to sit down and make art.


Have you made tape resist art? Do you like it as much as I do?

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