Sparkly Shaker Cards + Step by Step Tutorial

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How To Make Fun Shaker Cards

Something new—something different. I’ve tried many kinds of art, but none as exciting as this one.  When I made it, It turned out so beautiful, that I HAD to make more. So… I came up with 4 different types of beautiful shaker cards.

Starry Shaker Card - You're My Star


Shaker cards? sounds fun…

The main thing about shaker cards, are the sequences inside them. The one on you see on the top, is something I’m going to send to someone special. I’ve written You’re My Star, inside it—it’s perfect to make someone smile when he/she recieves it. The best thing about these, is seeing the sequences into each other as you shake the card. I’m telling you—these shaker cards are super addicting! Once I made one, I thought, well, the shaker card I saw on youtube had a different technique… So I figured different techniques, and made a bunch of these goodies!

Bee Mine


This Bee Mine shaker card was the first card with a different technique that I used. It turned out beautiful. With some watercolor grass, bees, and the green and pink stripes in the background. I did tape resist art to create those stripes—to know about tape resist art, click here. I have tons of posts on that topic!

Sparkle and Shine!

Sparkle and Shine—is the absoulete first shaker card that I tried. This one, was made with a different technique altogether. In the backround you can the green shiny paper–thats glitter paper.

Underwater Sea Creatures!

How about this underwater one!? They’re whales, jelly fishes, fishes, octupus. I painted the background with blue watercolor—and put tons of blue shell sequences, turquoise sequences, blue beads, and—well, blue—everythings blue!

So now that you’ve seen all the shaker cards I made, you may want to see how to make them. No need for any links, videos, or anything. The step by step process to make these is right here—in this blog post!

Infact, I’ll be showing you to techniques—the bee mine, underwater sea, you’re my star—all of these are created using the first technique. The sparkle and shine one is created using the second technique—and guess what, I have both the techniques’s step by step process. So, no more storytelling. Scroll down to know how to make these! 🙂

The First way:

  • Start by taking a piece of watercolor paper. The one I used was Brustro Watercolor Paper, 300 gsm. I LOVE brusto’s watercolor paper. It’s not neccasery to use watercolor paper—just that, it’s a little more sturdy.

Brustro Watercolor Paper - My Fav

  • See what shape you want your shaker, the piece that the sequences stay in/the main thing. It can be a heart, a circle, any shape. But the easier, the better.

Draw your shape

I traced a large tape roll.

  • One you’ve chosen your shape, draw it on the center of the paper. You’ll have to cut that shape out in the middle of the paper. It should look like a stencil. To cut it out in the middle, you can’t poke your scrissors throuh the bottom—you have to cut  it through the middle. To do that, you can use a craft knife and cut it out. Mine didn’t work here, because the watercolor paper was too thick. So, take a pin or a needle, and start doing little holes close to each other on the traced line. Then, take a tiny scisorss(if you don’t have a tiny one, use a normal size, though I really recommend tiny) and start cutting the shape out—-now, because of the poked holes, you can pierce your sciorss in one hole, and start cutting in the middle!

Cut out your shape from the center

  • Then, once you’ve cut out yor shape, write or draw anything on it—-it’s your choice.  I did writing, and draw both—on different cards.
  • Then, cut out a piece of plastic(it should not be too thick.) I cut it out from any packaging of a product. The plastic you’re going to cut out should be biggger than the shape you just cut out.

Cut out some plastic

You could even use plastic from any sticker pack which has plastic that you don’t want. Or any other similar packaging. Just make sure, it’s clean.

  • Then stick your plastic behind your stencil. I taped it on the back side(I don’t recoommend glue, because it could make your paper wavy.
  • Flip the stencil over(on the back side), and put a bunch of sequences of your choice on the plastic.

Put A Bunch of Sequence Of Your Choice --- This Is My Sequence Collection

  • While the stencil is still flipped over, place your circle on top of the sequences. Then tape it on the back side with tape.

Put Tape On the Back Side

  • If the sequences are still falling from the sides, put more tape to the sides, middle, and little corners where you think the sequences are falling from.

Flip your card over, and your done—your very own shaker card!

The Second way:

  • Take out 2 pieces of watercolor paper.
  • Take the first sheet, and cut out a shape—any shape.
  • Write something on the shape, or draw, paint. I wrote.
  • Then cut out some plastic(thin).
  • Shower your shape with sequences or other goodies. Make sure it’s not big, or it will cover your design on the shape.
  • Then very carefully, place your plastic on your shape.
  • Keep holding it with one hand—and put a little invisible tape(make sure it’s the clear kind. Not witish.) on your  shape, and fold the rest on the back side.
  • Keep adding lots of tape, and covering it from all the sides—until you can make sure your sequences or not falling out.
  • Then stick your shape on your second sheet of watercolor paper.If you want to, you can creat a background on your second sheet, before you put your shape. I cut out some strips from glitter paper, and put a tape on it  that was little wider than it and stick on my paper—you can use glue if you want. I used glue for one of the strips.

Yup, may seem tricky at first, but it’s actually pretty easy! The second trick may seem easier, but I think the first one was easier, and worked better for me. Also, it’s looked neater, and much, much, MUCH better.

Soo, I hope you liked the step step tutorial. I tried to explain it my best.

It was really fun shaking the card as the sequences fall to the bottom and create sounds. Sufiana loved it. Unfortunaltley, she was scartching off the strips and stickers on the card, so,,,.. I couldn’t give it to her that much. But she loved the sequences crashing into each other. She shaked the card wildly!

Tip: When you place the card down, all the sequences crash on to the bottom. To prevent some of that, you can glue some of them on your circle—for both ways—first, and second.

How To Make Fun Shaker Cards

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    • Parinita says:

      Thank you for visiting my blog, Ashu 🙂 I’m so happy that you liked it! Me too, I liked the sea creature one a lot. But my fav till now was.. the bee mine one 😀

      Great! After you try it out with your daughter, you can share the final shaker card result with me.

      How many years is your daughter? I’d love to be friends with her!

      Keep commenting!

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