How I Feel About Not Writing In a While, Pouring My Thoughts. + My New Online Etsy Shop!

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We all know those moments when somebody likes our picture, comments something thoughtful on our posts; It’s just that feeling that someone liked what you did. Someone appreciated and even left a comment on there, spending their time writing it. How much ever we try to hide it – we can feel our heart giving a little ‘bling’ whenever we see someone drop a bunch of likes, don’t we?

In this case – it’s someone purchasing my artwork (Shop link is below). Especially if that person is unknown, seeing my phone whizzing a little with a sudden vibration of a new order coming in with a “cash register” ringtone set.

However excited I maybe – before I get onto anything else, I just want to say that it feels good with my finger-tips touching these keys again! And I know I missed writing here. It’s just that – you know when you sort of get a mental block? I for some reason felt like that. I was enjoying writing, but then suddenly I just moved onto something else. I’ve heard people ask me, “it’s been a while since you’ve written on your blog, right? I used to enjoy reading it!” And my answer was, “yeah, it’s been a while. I’ve been into other things lately, I got into making videos, art-” then I would get into something else.

It isn’t that I didn’t miss writing. I know I missed nervously typing down my thoughts, reading it a million times, and feeling a tang of oxytocin set in as I click the blue ‘publish’ button; with my heart giving soft jumps with excitement.  But I don’t know why I just got lazy to sit down and try to get back into the flow again. But for some reason as I’m sitting here right now breaking the jinx, I can feel my mind wavering into a flow.


If you don’t mind this post being longish, I’d like to share a couple of little somethings with you.

Yesterday, I was wrapped in my turkish mahogany-colored towel as I came from a bath with lemongrass scent around me. I sat down on my bed, then saw a large purple diary sticking out of my book shelf. I reached for it, cuddled it in my lap then slowly flipped through a page.

You know today i got a bell on my door and i got so exited because i thought it was the new purple diary that I had got-“ Goes my 7 year old self.

“This is so fun!” I thought to myself recollecting the thoughts I had sitting at my dad’s table scribbling down in my diary.

I flipped the book over to take a look at the back cover. It was like before, except it had a dented part in it with a cup stain. Oh… i remember. Someone had put a hot tea cup on it hence it was shriveled up a with a stain of the cup’s rim around it. I remember that I was really sad looking at my back cover getting brown in a patch, back then. But as I sat down, I suddenly grinned. In my writing, I had words like “experience, sprinted, harshly”.

There was a line in my diary saying – “and so I sprinted out of my room, and grabbed my pink bag and harshly took out the tumbling crayons.”


This is a picture of me writing in another notebook. (Not the purple one, hehe.)

And in no way am I bragging but, I feel like creativity has always been inside of me. I don’t really know many people who would write words like these at 6-7 years old. Even I if didn’t know the correct spelling, I knew the words – and that’s all that matters, doesn’t it? I feel like.. I feel like I was a special kid,  in many ways; if that makes sense. Just yesterday I was recollecting and.. I want to go back then and pat my back saying, “kudos, Pari. You’re doing great.”


I was sitting on our dining table and then my mom came up to me and my dad and said, “look at this photo.” I saw a 5.5 years old me sauteing garlic for my pasta, stirring our homemade hummus.


I also wanted to say this because now and then – it’s fine to praise ourselves. It’s fine to brag. You don’t have to go around saying “i was a smart kid eh, look at me?” But sharing something special about yourself doesn’t mean you’re bragging. You don’t have to say “sorry, I didn’t mean to brag.” a dozen times. It’s okay. Compliment yourself now and then. This little self-love will only help you, and boost up your confidence. That is why I wanted to share this story here. I don’t want to brag, and neither do I want to act too casual. I’m just sharing water droplets that are slushing around in my mind. 😉IMG_4953

Okay, enough emotional stuff. Phew, let’s loosen up a bit! *shakes shoulders*.

Now people… now now now.. Well as you probably already know *wink wink* I have opened my own online shop on Etsy!

If you don’t know what Etsy is – Etsy is an online website where artists, creative entrepreneurs from around the world sell their paintings, a piece of their creativeness. It’s not even just about selling – it’s about sharing your work with other people. Not just your friends and family, but with people you don’t know. And of course, selling! I honestly love love love this. I can feel something bursting inside of me, seeing my phone whizzing a little with a sudden vibration of a new order coming in with a “cash register” ringtone set. And it’s somehow even more exciting when the order comes from someone you don’t know! It always makes me feel, someone liked my art enough to purchase it.


3 days back, at about midnight I was whizzing around with my mom packaging an order all the way from Australia. I could hear the buzz as the order coming in, my heart was pounding. Especially because it was from someone I didn’t know! After it was done, I proudly held the tightly wrapped package in my hand. And I will have to say – it looked professional.


The best part about this whole experience is it makes me do art even more, makes my photography skills even better. Taking from angles, putting a white backdrop, making it look professional. Adding the listings plays a big part as well. Shipping, description. It’s such a rewarding and fun experience. Just scrolling through my shop, looking at my photos, my art. It’s a different feel altogether.


And OFCOURSE, here is the link to the shop!! (If I forgot this, it would be a disaster.)

Anyway guys, I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I did writing it. All I did was just pour my mind on you, didn’t I? (Not really I shared my shop too. Ok whatever. Moving on.) I’m such a weirdo.

I’m such a weirdo.

Hehe well, I still hope you liked it. I’m pretty proud of how I wrote it 😉 LET US CONTINUE WRITING AGAIN!

(If I don’t, you.. you can.. you can whack a slap on my face.)

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  1. Kuhoo says:

    I just love the way you express in so many different ways – be it language or art or photography! You are indeed a blessed soul and to make it even more interesting, you have a beautiful family. Love to you and lots of good wishes <3

  2. Sunita says:

    This is so nice to read, Pari! We have three 11-year old friends (all homeschooled girls) who have started a craft shop together. Our family loves to buy the different things they make. My youngest son just asked to be their employee for their most recent sale, and he sold some things he had made. He had so much fun. So, I’m going to share this post with those girls, and I’m also going to read this to my sons for this particularly important line that you wrote: “Compliment yourself now and then. This little self-love will only help you, and boost up your confidence.” Wishing you all the best!

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