Learning to Sketch Cartoons From You Tube Videos

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Sharing a few cartoon sketches that I made this week. I have discovered a new interest recently – of drawing cartoons.

I love Hello Kitty. I referred to a youtube video to make this.

And then, mamma asked me, “do you know the history of Hello Kitty? Do you know who first invented it?” And, I read up a bit on the internet. Got to know that Hello Kitty was first designed by Yuko Shimizu and was introduced in Japan in the year 1974. You can read more here.

Chihuahua Sketch

And this is chihuahua the Chinese dog. The smallest dog in the world. There are some interesting stories about this dog breed that you can read here.

Diary of a wimpy kid

And now, here come Greg and Rodrick – from my favourite book – Diary of the Wimpy Kid (I’d reviewed this book).

I have drawn most of the characters from this book – Greg, his mom (Susan Heffley) and his brother (Rodrick)s as you can see in the drawings.

You know something – the author of this series (Wimpy Kid), Jeff Kinney, is the illustrator too. How impressive! Isn’t it?

Rowley's Dad Diary Of  A Wimpy Kid

And, one more character from Wimpy Kid. This is the father of Greg’s friend Rowley. He is a very weird character in the book. Yet, I like his funny looks.

Manny Diary Of A wimpy Kid

And, hola! Here comes the funniest one from the Heffley family! This is Manny – Greg’s brother. Don’t you think his mouth is way too long, and his hair standing up like antenna look so funny? His teeth looks like a bunny’s. So big!

Mickey Mouse Sketch

And finally the most popular cartoon character – Mickey Mouse. I loved Mickey when I was quite small. And, funnily enough, called him ‘Paposh’. That was when I couldn’t even talk properly. And, while I’m writing this, my mamma reminds me that I loved to have the Mickey picture on every possible thing – dress, food plate, bag, hair band and what not…!

And, as you all may know – Walt Disney was the creator of Mickey Mouse.

Susan And Ferb Cartoon

Oops, and some more. On the right is Ferb from the series – Philneas and Ferb. The other one is Susan Heffley (from Wimpy Kid).

That’s it for now. Will share more as and when I make.

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  1. Mami says:

    Oh wow! Amazing sketches Pari. Looking at the Micky mouse sketch, I recollected that it was my favorite and I used to draw it a lot. Sarah is also developing interest in sketching these days. She keeps drawing something or the other every day. I think the other day you taught her to draw clouds and she is doing it now. She always picks up things easily from you because she is so fond of you :). I will show these to Sarah today, she will surely get inspired by these!

    • parinita says:

      Thank you for the long reply! I’m happy i collected a new interest for me so i can not get bored at home all day. And i’m also happy that u read my post:-) I actually didn’t realise i am good in making cartoons. At first it was just a try and then it turned real interest! I’m happy sarah is also started drawing:-) I wish when she grows up she will be a great artist! i am happy she is learning. She got really exited that day when i was showing her art. Well when i got to my art class today i learned how to make clouds! When she will come again i will teach her that cloud too!

      P.S- Don’t forget to show these to sarah sis.! I’ll be happy if she’ll like it;-) Come soon someday at our house again till the time Bye!<3
      Love Pari:-)

  2. Padma Pillai says:

    Hi again Pari!!

    I am not at all good at drawing, but youtube helped me a lot when it came to creating picture stories for Pranav. I learnt basics of how to draw a cat, dog, cow and other day to day things (you might think its so simple, but to a non-artist, even basic sketches are a challenge). For Pranav’s speech training, i used to create instant stories, drawing along as the story went forward.

    Your drawings are very very good, the paintings (i loved the flamingo) are great!! The only cartoons i can draw are stick people. Check out this link and you’ll see a variety of stick-men!! http://www.pinterest.com/hmontgomery1/stick-figures/

    Its commendable that you’ve read up about the subjects you draw. Thanks for sharing!!

    <3 Padma

    • parinita says:

      Yes even i like youtube it gives How To Make tutorials nicely step by step. I feel it’s quite useful. And wow! thanks for the stick men link! I checked those out and loved those:-) Even stick people are good real human figure’s are real tough. If you make it realistic. You can also turn an ordinary stick man drawing into lovely art if you do it with passion and love! Thank you for the flamingo. Actually it was just a try i didn’t make it ever before. I can surly do better than that. And i will do it soon and share it with you real soon:-)

  3. Rebecca says:

    Have you ever tried making a flip book? I think you’ll enjoy it if you love drawing so much! I used to love doing this. In fact, I still do!

    • Pari says:

      Yes. Actually me and mamma are really fond of flip books. But since we don’t have any time because of baby sitting! I will try it some day and share it with you.

    • parinita says:

      Thanks a lot tavi. I am happy we’re are making good friends with each other:-) How is your blog doing the one called Lucky Star? Even you can try making these cartoons and if it’s tough for you you can take help from You Tube! And that’s exactly what i did.!:-)

  4. Madhu says:

    Hi Pari, hope you have been doing well. I didnt get a chance to see your blog for a few days! The cartoons you drew are really good 🙂
    keep up the good work 🙂

  5. Tavi says:

    Well my blog its going good I have already watched a clip called how to draw Hello kitty it turned out magnificent I also think that both of us are becoming good friends

    • Pari says:

      Yes. Can you share me the whole name of your blog? is it Luck Stars. in or com? When i searched it on internet it was showing error.! Yeah i think a wonderful artist must have sketched it. It was very cute!

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