Learning By Doing: Popsicle Stick Craft

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ice cream sticks

You only learn to do something, by doing it. There is no other way. – John Holt

This is so true. You only learn something by doing it, is what i think. There is no other way. I love doing art. And I like browsing on pinterest. So I got inspired by a art technique on Pinterest. There’s no point drooling over the ideas. Unless i don’t do it, i don’t learn to do it.  With my own hands.

Another time,  me and Mamma saw a video about How To Make Pita Bread, and we thought, it’s so easy, and i learned making it. But when you actually start making it, you may figure out that the dough is not perfect, or something else. So you learn a mistake. And you recover that mistake, in the next time you make it. The more you make it, the more you get better at it. And if you make it five times, you get a master in doing that!

So, Mamma bought these colorful ice cream sticks from Confidant, a rental book shop. Sometimes, I get stuck, with only the idea’s in my head. I don’t go ahead and make it.

So I thought to search for some idea’s on Pinterest to do something with the ice cream sticks. I and mamma sat down, and browsed some idea’s to do with ice cream sticks. But nothing was too appealing.  So i decided to do it with my own idea. Right away.

I sat down on my table, with Mamma. We first thought, i’d do a ice cream stick plate, with a name like- Art Studio, or Pari’s Art Studio on it. But finnally, we thought of sticking ice cream sticks together(a slightly similar to what we saw on Pinterest) and started doing it. I first place the sticks together, to know where i’ll be putting glue.

“Mamma, i’m done”, i said when i put glue on my first ice cream stick. I had put all the colors together, but soon figured out that it’ll look very clumsy/messy. So i did a combination of blue with yellow.

When i was done sticking the sticks, i searched for a quote to write on the sticks. So i came across this quote written by Rumi, on goodreads:

You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life? – Rumi

I thought this Quote was nice and meaningful, so I made up my mind to write it on my sticks. Here’s how it looked in the end:


I really liked the colors combination of  the ice cream sticks I used. Blue is my favorite color, and yellow is Mamma’s.

This can be a beautiful gift for Family and Friends, without wasting a penny! And the best thing is, you can cut out a thin strip of magnet(which i did) behind the ice cream sticks, so anybody can stick it on their fridge! And hey, did you notice in the picture above, that I have stick what i made on the fridge! I used the magnets.


But other than one, I got so interested in this craft that I made two of them! The second ice cream stick was a combination of Pink and Yellow.


And the Quote I wrote, was wonderful. I wasn’t able to find out one to write first, but then mamma came across one, and i loved the Quote! It was written by John Holt, who you maybe all know, the author of How Children Learn. I have written the Quote at the starting of the post. But i’m writing it again, if anybody of you didn’t notice it:

You only learn to do something, by doing it. There is no other way. – John Holt

Isn’t the Quote beautiful? I thought it as very meaningful. And it’s so true. John Holt is a great writer!

You have to do it to learn it. Isn’t it? And, I also hope you try one of these colorful ice cream stick idea’s that I shared with you. And I also wanted to share with you, this is my 50th post, and it’s special to me. And i have done it in two years. I want to be better and better at it, by writing posts every single day. Mamma often suggested that I should write every day. And now, I choose to write every single day. I’ll hopefully write it in less time, by writing every single day.

Please keep motivating me, it means a lot to me.

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  1. Miquela says:

    I saw a bunch of craft sticks in the States while we were visiting last month, but I didn’t buy them because I was worried that our bags were already too full for the return flight. Now, seeing your inspiring post, I’m sorry I didn’t get some. I’m sure I can find some here in Cairo, if I can figure out where to look

    Congratulations on making your 50th post. Keep at it; I enjoy reading you. I did have to read this in two sittings, though, because you inspired me to stop immediately and do my own crafting project following your comment about stop drooling over other people’s projects. I do a lot of that on Pintrest! 😛

    • Parinita says:

      Hi Miquela –
      Sorry for the late response. That’ll be great if you bring the ice cream sticks. It will be nice if you get it in Cairo. Thank you! I enjoy writing, and will try to write posts often.

      🙂 Exactly! I also drool a lot over other people’s ideas.

      Lots of Love to you and Soelie!

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