Leaf Art Zentangle – Inspired by Mamma’s 30-day Leaf Art Challenge

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art journaling for kids

Hello folks how are you doing? Sorry it’s been long that I have done any posts. But today I have something fun to show you. Enjoy reading my story of my leaf art inspired by my mamma’s 30-day leaf art challenge. And, some pics inside.

It was late evening and my mamma was doing her leaf art.  I was getting bored listening to boring music on the laptop, so i started doing some art. Slowly, slowly it was getting more fun and I was engrossed doing a peaceful art of leaves that Mamma and I had collected during a nature walk.

I was enjoying making this art also because I was constantly exchanging ideas with mamma.

art journaling for kids

Have a look at what I made:

leaf art zentangle

Cool isn’t it? I used 2 types of leaves – kaniar and ashok. 

Those bees that you see, you know mamma spotted them on the pencil holder next to us and showed them to me. I thought they were cute and decided to sketch with my leaves.

About Kaniar:

It is an evergreen tree, with leaves shaped like a camels hoof, and showy pink flowers.. widely distributed to India but not strictly in Delhi.. fairly common parks and gardens and only occasionally a street tree.

About Ashok:

A tall, erect,near-evergreen tree from monsoon forests of Sri Lanka, usually cultivated in a narrowly conical form with short, drooping branches some what like a cypress. It’s long, narrow glossy leaves with wavy edges are distinctive, but the flowers and fruit are concealed within the foliage and are seldom noticed.  


That’s it.  I might do another leaf art and share with you soon. Keep checking.

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  1. Pari says:

    hey guys finally i have done a new post i know you were not expecting this sudden thing i hope you like it i have also made a drawing like mamma’s 30 day leaf art project and my 15 day leaf art project i hope you are exited to read this post and like the art i have made keep checking..!!!

    cheers pari

  2. Pari says:

    please reply soon guy’s i am waiting for your comment on my art post going to do one more soon already written just going to publish and put pic’s …. meet you soon


  3. Mami says:

    Oh finally a post! I have been eagerly waiting for this one :). Lovely art my dear and amazing idea to join your mumma in her 30 day leaf art challenge. Don’t loose the momentum now. Keep writing whenever you feel like sharing something. I love to read you blog posts.
    The bees in the art are really cute :)!

    • Pari says:

      yeah sure ajji even i like the pics i had taken and as you know kashmir is a BEAUDIFULL placer to go even you should go there with ajja or anyone else the best place in kashmir i thought was pahalgam i hope you also go there soon and the place is so nice you just can’t stop being out and about isn’t it

      love you your dear daughter pari

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