Watercolour Kingfisher Art

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Kingfisher bird art journaling for kids

Yesterday I made a drawing of a kingfisher sitting on a branch with water underneath it and reflections of fishes floating in the water. I really liked making it beside mamma who was making some thing with me. Guess what? Her 30 day leaf art project. It was really satisfying for her because it was the last day of her 30 day project. I was coloring the kingfisher with camel artist Water color because I think water color is the best for painting, and even dries quickly compared to acrylic color which takes much longer to dry. After making it I was feeling fabulous that I drew and painted a realistic bird for the first time.

Kingfisher watercolor art nature journaling

And you know why did I decide to do this drawing? Because during the leaf art project, mamma one day made a BIRD called Golden Oriole which is a really beautiful bird.  Even though I had started a 15 day leaf art project (but made 3 or 4 times in a week) I switched to making birds because I was so inspired by mamma’s bird art.

And now I am sharing some information about Kingfishers for you guys to read:


Pic Source

Info from here – the Kingfisher is small compared to medium sized colorful bird found around the world. Kingfishers live both in wetlands and woodlands worldwide, feeding mainly on fish but also insects,frogs and crayfish with those kingfisher species that live in the woodlands occasionally eating reptiles birds and even small mammals.

I think I’ll continue to draw and paint more birds. Will keep posting here.

Do you love birds? Do you have a favourite bird?

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  1. Mami says:

    If you would not have told, there is no way that I could guess that you made this art. This is just wow! Specially the bird shape and the color combination you have used. This is such a pleasant surprise. I never knew that you can paint so well. Keep going.Cheers!
    You know what, I just love kingfisher because of its color 🙂

    • Pari says:

      Yeah you are right even i like it’s pleasant blue is really nice. it took time to paint it, but i enjoyed every bit of it plus with mamma beside me.. and thank you for your comment glad you are the one who sends me so many comments with real thoughts i will keep reading, love you..

      love pari:-)

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