How To Make Your Own Notebook!

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how to make your own notebook

Ooh, stationary, pens, diaries, stickers, I just LOVE THEM. I’ve been dreaming of creating my own diary – stitching it, decorating the cover. Gosh! How exciting! Are you like me? If yes, I think you’ll like this post. I recently made my own custom diary, and I’m here to share it with you!

Once my diary was ready, the big question was, “what do I write in it?”. And here’s what I’m doing: write what special things happened to me, and what things I want to note down so I don’t lose those memories. Like, the first thing in the morning when I walked into my yard I see this giant rose that’s bloomed in our pot!

Now, on to how we made the diary.

cut the shape for your diary

We (me and mamma) cut our diary cover as per the size and shape we wanted. We used an old, recycled bag. The bag seemed perfect for a diary cover!

Then tore  some pages from an old notebook that we didn’t need anymore. Next – the most exciting part—Mamma held the diary, while I stitched it! How fun it was.

stiching the diary

To stitch the pages, Mamma made holes (using a compass) 1 cm apart across the length of the centre fold. I chose to use a double shaded embroidery yarn that matched with the cover paper I was going to use.

Finally…we wrapped the cover with some decorative paper.. and then… and then… and then……..

You're Done!

Pretty easy, huh? And hey, I’m telling you this: Once you’ve made your diary, you’ll feel like keeping it close to your chest, all the time. Really! Even before going to sleep I kissed my diary, hugged it, made sure it was safe, and THEN went to sleep. When you’ll go ahead and write something in YOUR HANDMADE diary, you’ll make sure it’s a *very neat* handwriting. A few days ago, I lost the diary I made, and I literally didn’t do anything until I found it. I checked every nook and cranny,  and after a while as I was exhausted, I jumped on my chair and sulked. But then, all good things, all good things. I found it. And when I did, I actually skipped from my art studio to the hall in 3 steps, and told my mom about it. So, I think you can get the idea of what that diary means to me. And if you make one too, I have no doubt you’ll be in the same state.

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  1. Madhu says:

    Its an awesome diary Pari! I love it. You always loved diaries and I am glad you found a way to do your own, in your own unique way.

  2. Parinita says:

    I’m really glad you like it, Madhu! You’re right. I love diaries, and now, I don’t need to bring them from the market so often – I can make my own pretty diaries at home!

  3. Chachi says:

    Ohh the diary looks so cute and tiny 🙂 I know how u r feeling now pari even i used to make small small diaries when i was small, but never used to write anything my bad. Very nice pari keep writing 🙂


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