Handmade Diwali Greeting Cards – Diwali Is On It’s Way!

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Sending and receiving cards on birthdays or festivals is so much fun. So, I thought my friends and family would love to receive some handmade Diwali cards from me (and mamma).

Me and mamma discussed ideas about what I can do for the card. I also wrote some mantras that we chant at home in he morning, during bed-time etc. We thought the receiver will feel positive vibes reading the mantras. And if they want to chant, it will be useful for them to have it on the card to read out from.

My initial idea was to paint symbols which are around the Diwali theme. Like OM, Sun, Moon, Lotus.

I’m sharing some ideas and cards that I made to send everyone. (posted them already!)

Here are some:


1. I liked this card the most. The colors are so soothing.  Especially, the yellow and orange slowly blending on top of the OM symbol.

Mamma gave me the idea of painting water underneath and making a reflection of the lights hanging above, but  it didn’t turn out as i wished for it to be, so i decided to make a branch of a tree floating in the water instead of the lights reflection, by turning that string/line into a branch. And made leaves. And, some diyas (clay lamps).


Me doing greeting card.

The result:


2. Similar to blob art, instead of those animals faces, i made clay lamps or diya what we call to convey Diwali. And i also made some fireworks, which brought a very soothing feel to the card.


3. Lotus is associated with peace, so i wanted to include lotus in one of my cards.  Although, lotus doesn’t bloom at night, i decided to make a moon, and my moon’s light will be so bright that it will make the lotus bloom even in the night! I also made moon rays, falling on the lotus, which gave the art a boost.


 4. This is a one big diya floating in the water. I love the colors of horizon. I also love blending of colors. I wrote a mantra above-Om Mani Padme Hum. To see it’s meaning, click here.

Happy Diwali Dear Readers! Diwali is on 23 October 2014. Hope you have a great day and year!  

And I hope you try these cards out. See ya!

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  1. Chachi says:

    Hey Pari,

    Very beautiful blog again.:) This is such a nice idea to send hanmade cards to everyone. So nice of u:) I am waiting to c ur card. haven’t received still:(. Yesterday i saw the card u sent to Putti. I must say that is so so beautiful Pari, even Anoop was stunned to see all the colour comibation u have used in that:) Thats the first card in ur blog:) And the idea of writing mantra inside it is too gud. Very nice idea dear:) love ur cards.:)


    • Parinita says:

      Dear Chachi,
      😉 Thank you so much! I am happy you and Anoop Chachu liked the card I sent to Putti Bua.
      I am so delighted to see your comments on my posts.
      Lots of Luv to Chachu, and you.

  2. Anitha says:

    Hey Pari,
    Beautiful post.. and also very beautiful card which u sent. Everyone at home liked it and were admiring ur card. Like Ranju said i liked the colour combinations u hav used. Asmi asked me to read n explain wat was written in the card.
    Keep sending such cards 😉
    Luv Bua.

  3. Miquela says:


    I follow your mother’s blog, and I was delighted to see a link to yours. I love the cards you made and particularly enjoyed reading about your process and desires in making them.

    I admire you and your mother very much for the unschooling journey you are on. I hope to unschool my children when they are of an age (my daughter just turned 4, and my son is almost 8 months).

    Would you mind if I followed along on your blog, too, to make me a better and more sensitive mother to my children? I think I could gain a lot of insight through reading you.

    Greetings to your family,


  4. Anuradha Shankar says:

    Beautiful cards, Pari! I loved all of them. It brought back memories of the time I used to make greeting cards for all our family members, not just for Diwali but also their birthdays. Since I didn’t have time during school days, I used to make almost a hundred cards during my vacations!
    Anuradha Shankar recently posted…Happy Diwali!My Profile

  5. Sharmila says:

    Hi Pari – thanks for sharing these lovely cards. They have so much warmth and good wishes. Nice to learn the thought behind each sketch. I especially like your thinking on the moon shining so bright it would make the lotus bloom. Hope you had a wonderful shiny Diwali too 🙂
    Love and blessings – Sharmila

    • Parinita says:

      Hi Sharmila Aunty!
      It’s so wonderful to see your comment. You’re right, i like the idea of the lotus blooming in the moon too:) Yes i had a shiny Diwali:) Hope you too had a great Diwali too!

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