Paper Mache Handmade Christmas Wreath

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Fairy lights, buntings, stockings, Christmas trees. I absolutely LOVE Christmas decorating. Bright strokes of red and green paint on projects, hanging ornaments from a real tree. One of the most beautiful things that I’m sure even you agree is Christmasy wreaths hanging from your door, with berries and flowers and what not. It just brings happiness through your door. But it’s just not fun going from shops to shops checking price tags like INR 700 and INR 1000 for one small ring with green stuff sticking out of it. I agree it can be tempting, but..


Here’s what you get, welcoming you happily on your door ūüôā

Mamma got a metal ring welded, and the rest I did. I first wrapped lots of newspaper around it to make it thick with tape, then added layers of tissue, painted it green and decorated it.

It was a lot of work, but this is what I got. I love it. It just invites the Christmas spirit inside your house.


Before we end this post, here is a side- to side- comparison of how much we would’ve spent if we bought the same size wreath that we made – from Amazon, vs how much we spent for the supplies to make the wreath.

Amazon Wreath

 The wreath on Amazon.    

 Total (with shipping) INR 798    

(In all the wreath options on amazon I checked they were all atleast $700 and above. In our local Christmass stall this is the same price too!)


  My handmade one.

   The supplies I needed for making this:

   Metal ring + welding (1) =INR 70

   Glue sticks to go with glue gun (1) =INR 25)

   Sheets of green felt for holly leaves (3) =INR 75

¬† ¬†Readymade poinsettia flowers (would’ve been cheaper If had made it myself – but I was too tempted, hehe) ¬†(Pack of 6) =INR¬†120

    Pack of tissues for the base (I used 1/3 of it) = INR 10

     Pack of red thermocol berries = INR 90

     Small bottles of camel green poster paint for the base (3) = INR 75

   Total = INR 465

And of course, the handmade one wins! The one on amazon wasn’t even that great (the reviews say it) and here you are with the handmade one which is so much more satisfying. Anyway, hope you enjoyed this extra addition to the blog post – this little sum up! This wreath was definitely one of the best Christmas projects I’ve ever done. See you with another one, maybe? CHRISTMAS IS HERE!

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  1. Shenaz says:

    Hi Parinita!
    i am shenaz. its been long since i read ur blog..
    i really loved the Wreath u made. I especially loved the bright red flowers. ūüôā

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