Playing With Colors: Handmade Valentine Bookmarks

Handmade Bookmarks

Usually, when i’m done with my craft, I save all the little pieces of cuttings that are left, for future projects. But yesterday, “Pari, why don’t you use it right away?  my Mamma said when I was about to stash the papers in my drawer.”Okay”, I said. After a while, I sat down on my table, and just looked at the little scraps of paper. And suddenly, I remembered some watercolor techniques me and mamma saw together. I was feeling wild. So I took my brush and started painting the little scrap of paper with colors…. Mixed them… Played with them, the effects of the water, and colors mixing were unbelievable. And soon, I was done.

Handmade Bookmarks

See? Just a little scrap of used paper, can turn into a beautiful bookmark! If it was not Mamma who had told me from using those papers right away, I could have never known how a little paper, and my colors had made these bookmarks!

I added a little paper clip on top, and did some designs with a micron pen. If you noticed, those bookmarks can also be a valentine’s day craft, because of the heart designs i’ve done. Easy peasy, isn’t it?

Play with colors, up your creativity to another level—-my mom always says to me.

Get a peek inside my art studio, stroke alongside my paintbrush...
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