Flamingo Art and Trivia

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flamingo painting

Hey folks, one more painting today – flamingoes on the shore. I made this because I recently joined an art class, and sir told me to draw something and show it to him. I tinkered with making many themes – owls, birds, deer (in a forest), but kept erasing. Finally I liked Mamma’s suggestion to paint flamingoes. I was pretty sure about this idea, because flamingoes were my favorite bird when I was three years old or so.

So, to make this painting, I sketched the bird and then painted the background colors – the sea, the shore and the sky. Here’s a look at how it turned out:


What do you think about my painting? You may share any feedback that you may have. I used Camlin artist water colors to make the effects. My mamma helped me a little bit with this – to make better effects in the bird’s body, and she gave some tips to paint the sky, water and sand.

Don’t you think flamingoes are beautiful birds? I especially love their flashing and fluorescent colors – that tinge of pink and a little white is so pleasant. I also like their long, S-shaped neck.


In between painting, I started wondering, “why do Flamingoes stand on one leg?”. And, I got my answer on this page.

Do you know the answer?

Keep thinking and if you’re not able to figure out, click the link above to know the answer.

And well that’s it – when the painting was finished I felt quite satisfied. I enjoyed my time with mamma making the painting. It was evening – time for me to play, so I rushed off downstairs.

Do you like flamingoes? Is it your favorite bird, too? Which bird do you like the most? 

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  1. Miquela says:

    Dear Pari,

    I made flamingos like you; I made lots of flamingos. I made a reindeer. My momma made a triceratops and a stegosaurus because I like dinosaurs.

    Did you have a good day? I want to meet you one day and play with you.

    Soëlie (typed by her momma)

  2. Parinita says:

    Hi Soeile!
    It’s so good to know you.

    Wow, that’s amazing that you made so many – Flamingoes, Reindeers, and Dinosaurs! I would love to see your art pictures.

    I had a good day, how was yours? Yes, I would love to play with you too!


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