DIY Valentines Day Pop-Up Card

handmade valentine pop-up card

Thank god, for You Tube! There’s so much to learn from the how-to videos. A couple of days back, I saw this popup card video, and instantly, I knew me and mamma should make it together. You know—-since some time, I was really in love with pop-up cards. People used to make beautiful ones—-and I couldn’t stop admiring them.

This, time, when I made this one, I admire it every moment of the day. Before I go to sleep, before I have my lunch. Opening, then closing.  Before we did the last step, we kept staring at the card from different angles, and lifting it up in the air. “Something… Something is lacking there” I said to mamma, squinting my eye at the card. “You’re right. Lets see what we can do”. Mamma said. We’d done lots of things. But nothing just seemed quite right. But I didn’t want to go to sleep without ‘the thing that was lacking’ in the card.

After tons of thinking, we’d found it 🙂 “Now, this is the exact thing it was lacking!” Me and Mamma said admiring the card. “You know what, Pari”—she said pointing her finger at me. “You  should exactly know when your card is lacking something, and also, know exactly when you should stop decorating the cards. It shouldn’t look messy”.  “You’re right Mamma”. “You really are”, I said smiling. Looking at her then looking at the card.

when the pop up reveals!

At first, I thought the heart we’d cut out on the front cover of the card looked a little messy and could’ve been smaller. But after all the decorations on the simple red heart, it looked like it was good that it stayed big!

If you want to know the tutorial to this card, click here. The one on YouTube is little different from ours. We’ve made it bigger and more detailed. The one on YouTube was just a simple one.

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