How I Use Pic Monkey As My Fun Learning Tool in Homeschooling

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Homeschooling tool art learning picmonkey

Art is fun whatever way you make it – on paper, floor (Rangoli) or on computer. I found this website called Pic Monkey – a photo editing tool, which I use to make blog banners, greeting cards, collages and a lot more.¬†I make different theme-based collages on it. For festivals, birthdays, and even MATH! And after designing, I show them to mamma to get some feedback on the design. Mamma generally suggests to use less design elements, keep white space, put less text, not use too many colours. She says, “keep it clean and simple”.

She also gives me different topics for making collage or banner etc. Once she asked me to make a campaign on the message ‘Save Water’. When making this, I researched on google and found ¬†interesting facts about the percentage of fresh water left on earth and so much more.

Today, she asked me if I’d like to design a Holi-themed collage with a message, “do not waste water when playing Holi”. I liked the idea and made this (pic on top) using pic monkey.

Holi card pic monkey

I’ve been designing with pic monkey for nearly two years now. It’s easy to use and has good features. There’s a paid version too, which has lot more features. But, I use the free features. It’s good enough for now, though I have asked Mamma to get me a monthly subscription for those “royal features”. Mamma says, she’ll get for one month to see how helpful it is.

These are some of the cards and collages I’ve made on pic monkey.

my sister sarah and my mami i made this collage for mothers day:)

Made this 2 years back to wish “Mother’s Day” to my Mami (aunt) on behalf of her daughter – Sarah.

Picmonkey festival cards

Made this for my best friend Ananya.

I’ll highly recommend pic monkey to you all, too. Especially useful and fun if you’re homeschooling. Sometimes, when I feel bored, I just open pic monkey and start designing. I normally start on a white background. To create a white canvas, mamma taught me to crop out a white portion from a high resolution picture and use it as the background to design on.

Do you do any designing on computer? Which tool do you use?

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  1. Mami says:

    Hey Pari, very informative post with good ideas to learn while having fun! I tried using pic monkey when you suggested earlier but somehow did not get into it much. Your post is a reminder to explore it more :). I somehow manage my blog posts using picasa itself! That picture you designed for me is really a gift I will cherish forever! Thanks a lot my chota baccha and dear friend.

    • Pari says:

      Thank you so much honey!

      You are so kind hearted and nice:)

      Yes, and don’t forget to check pic monkey! I am happy you liked my collage.

  2. Madhu says:

    Looks like a very useful tool Pari. I have not used it before. I will explore it. The banners you used are really good and very creative. Loved the holi theme.

    Yes, I still live in Canada (Toronto area to be specific). I do have a blog for my daughter; you can see some of her pictures on
    By the way Pari, when mom sends an email, please do put a note for me here. Most of my emails which are not added as friends go to spam (as per my settings). I will keep an eye when I know mom sent an email.

    • Pari says:

      Yep, actually i have never seen a tool like this too. Was pretty impressed by it’s features, and surly try the royal feature it is pretty good<3 Yep i will put a note for you here on the comments. She's going to send it soon:)

      Thank you.

    • Pari says:

      Yes, i would love to be friends with you Kriti! Oh good so even you have your own blog:) But sadly when i was opening your blog, when you shared the link, it was saying there is no website like this! Please tell me, how to do it it will be my pleasure! How old are you? I am Eight and a half or so! Thank you so much for being friends with me:) I would love to know more about you!


        • Pari says:

          Oh wow! Your blog is just wonderful! I love the design of your blog well done:-) And yep it’s okay. Sometimes forget about comments I put the wrong link in blog posts and then fix it!

          Thanks a lot!
          Regards Pari

        • Pari says:

          And well I forgot to say, that I had no idea your mom and my mom are friends! That’s a miracle! I will tell my mom about you:) Oh okay, so you have start your blog only 2 days back. That’s why I thought why do you have less posts? Only two?


    • Pari says:

      Oh and yes, I forgot to say Have you changed your blog name? Why can i find your blog? Please fix the problem soon:)


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