Coconut Trees Playing Holi – My New Watercolor Painting

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Holi In Goa - My coconut tree painting

In Goa, Coconut trees are everywhere. They are just beautiful. And as you see, we have really heavy monsoon in Goa—-when the heavy rains falls on the great coconut trees, it creates a unbelievable splashing sound. In one way, that’s the beauty of goa. So, this art of mine, is inspired by me and mamma looking up in the sky—seeing the big leaves swaying one side of the other, in the breeze. The gigantic leaves, almost touching the ground—the coconut trees.

“Pari! I got a amazing idea. Really amazing”. My mom had said when we were outside in the yard—gardening. And slowly, slowly, she started telling me the idea, as my eyes started to open wide. “Perfect!” I’d said zooming into the house to make the art, when mamma had explained the idea to me.

My Pen Sketch Of the Coconut Trees

The whole evening, and till late night, i just worked on this art. Phew! All the outlining, painting, drawing. “Pari… Lets sleep”… My mom said yawning. It was late and we needed to go to sleep. “Wait Mamma, I need to complete this”. I was in such a flow that I didn’t want to stop. Mamma was sitting right beside me, reading and yawing simultaneously. And after all the work…


…It looked stunning. Ain’t I right?

The amazing thing is, it’s actually an art of Holi! The colors dripping from the leaves, the background, it’s full of colors. And after all, Holi is a festival of colors, right?

Just imagine, in Holi, all the coconut trees splashing colors—the whole landscape would be full of colors! Wouldn’t it be amazing?


And I feel coconut trees deserve a space of it’s own in my art, now that we’re living in Goa, and we’re surrounded by coconut tree’s. Coconut trees add so much characteristic and charm to Goa. Goa would be nothing without coconut trees. And every part of a coconut can be used in something or the other. We use coco peet for our gardening, the main vain of the coconut tree is used for making brooms in india, and coconut itself, we use so much in our cooking. In sweet dishes, chutney, sambar.  No wonder coconut trees are called kalpavriksha, which means the divine tree. Coconut tree’s are called kalpavriksha  because of it’s ability to amply provide human needs.

To know about what kalparvriksha is, click here. 

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  1. Madhu says:

    Pari, the art really is stunning. You are going to be one amazing artist and one day, you will have your art displayed in collection centers. I like the Holi inspired art.

    When we were young, we used to live in a small town. Ah, the joys of a small town. We used to start playing with the colors on Holi day by 8 AM. All the neighboring kids used to join and we used to have a LOT of fun. One year, it rained by 11 AM. We just stood there dripping in the rain, watching the colors wash off from the body.

    Nature is so beautiful and I am so glad you are growing up in Goa.

    • Parinita says:

      Madhu—reading at your comment really made a smile across my face. Thank you for those kind words 🙂 It means a lot to me.
      You’re right! Even when we lived in Delhi—-all me and my friends used to start playing holi by 8-9 AM! Wow. Just imagine colorful rain drops dripping from your body. What fun it would be! Playing holi in the rain 😀
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  2. Srishti says:

    Lovely arty Pari! Really liked the colors that you have used. You painting really is in a “holi” spirit 🙂

    • Parinita says:

      I’m glad you liked it Mami 🙂 I just saw the coconut tree painting Sarah had done, you had shared it on WhatsApp. It was beautiful! Very creative. Sarah is really improving in her drawing.

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