Art Inspired Recipe: Lemony Cupcakes

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This post, is a mixture of different coincidences. Do you know what I mean? Concidence # 1: We recently bought a Lemon Plant, and planted it in a pot. Concidence # 2: I recently made a beautiful painting of a cupcake. Concidence # 3: A few days ago, we made a yummy lemon cupcake!

Does it sound like a mixture of coincidences to you? The picture of my painting above, is took in front of our lemon plant! And the funny thing is, it all happened within a week, though we didn’t even plan it that way!

So, here is a picture collage of all things combined together. The lemon plant, my painting of a cupcake, and the real lemon cupcake we made.

Are you interested in growing plants? If yes, this is how to grow a lemon plant. Mamma asked me to find some tips on how to grow a lemon plant, and I found these tips.

If you want to know the cupcake recipe, click here.

I’ve learnt that negative space plays a very important role in your painting. (negative space means the remaining white space in your painting). And, the placement of your subject is really important. If you noticed, the yellow space below in my painting is smaller then the white space above.

My painting above is inspired by Elvie Studio.

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