Colorful Acrlyric Dot Heart: Decorating For Valentines Day

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diy stamp art
I love the symbol of valentines day: Hearts.

And I just found something.

It’s a creative valentine day craft idea. (you can see what it is, here. On my blog. Click the heart tote bag link as soon as you reach my post) I saw it on internet and I loved it so much, i wanted to try it out sooner than later.

And today, I did. It turned out beautiful. I decided to put a blast of colors, than the usual for valentine. Pink, red, whew!… I guess I put some pink and red, but not much. The other colors are the things that made it nice.

valentine day diy craft

The one I made is slightly different than the one I saw on internet. The one i saw is made on a tote bag, but mine is made on acrylic paper(I used acrylic paint).  Also, I’ve added more colors.

Oh, and the funny thing is i did the prints/design with eraser you get on the back of a pencil! It seems slightly funny, does it?

Do you like it?

Try it out too! Valentine’s day is around the corner, and it won’t be a while before you realize, “It’s Valentine’s Day!”

This art is inspired by the Clumsy Crafter.

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  1. Chachi says:

    Hey my pari, yes valentine’s day is nearing and i am not getting time to do any creative art 🙁 But i want to do the art which u shared here in this blog as well as in ur prev blog u mentioned about the hearts and ideas. Hearts are very beautiful and this heart which has come out so well, so colourful it is. I really like it a lot. Thinking of trying this one out on the wall of our house;) Share everything which u r trying for valentine’s day 🙂


    • Parinita says:

      I’m glad you like it, Chachi! Sure, i’ve just made a valentine craft today, and i’ll hopefully share it today itself on my blog! If you do something too, share it with me 🙂

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