Three Seasons Tape Resist Art

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I tell you i have fallen in love with Tape Resist, so here’s another one! And the most beautiful and hardworking and ambitious one: expressing the transition of seasons. It’s a triptych – a first one I’ve ever made. You see, I told you, it IS a tough and ambitious project. And, I think I pulled this off to my satisfaction.

I did this on a large canvas.

This idea of 3 season has been on my mind since quite some, but i didn’t sit down to do it because i thought it’d be difficult. But one day, gathering up some courage i finally sat down to do this Triptych art. I narrated my vision to Mamma and she helped me execute it.

My initial idea was to paint three separate branches in each panel (season), but then Mamma proposed one branch expanding into all the three seasons. I liked that idea because I thought it depicts the transition of seasons nicely.


Doing the background colors was fun! I loved trying the different shades of the colors. I mixed both Water and poster color, because the canvas didn’t hold water color.

Making the Branch:

Painting the branch was a joy but I was nervous too! My hand shivered during the stroke but I managed. The things i noticed was that in a real branch in nature, you will see it becomes nodular where another branch starts, and it’s thick in some places, not always even. Don’t make the branch too straight or else it will not look real. Branches are curvy, and twisted sometimes.

Making the Snowy/Winter Row!

You need very light blue paint for the winter panel, because winter is mostly white (where it snows) and bit of blue. So i mixed white with bit of blue to make the color.

Then i did tiny white dots (with ear buds) and lines to show the snow-laden branches. That gave a realistic effect to it.

Now about the leaves, so how did i make the leafs. We did lots of brain-storming. Whether to paint those leafs, or cut them out with the puncher(the leaf punch). And finally we decided to punch them out.

To do this i painted two papers one for spring and one for autumn fall. And stick them. Pasting the leafs added texture.



Tip: Just make sure that the tape sticks well on the canvas/paper, or the color will seep through it. This happened with me and hence as you can see – I had to paint the space with black instead of keeping it white, which was my original idea. But then, I think the black looks quite nice too. It makes the season panels pop.


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  1. Priya Desikan says:

    Love this one! ….the vision and the execution is superb!
    And I love the attention you give to details… knobbly, twisty branches, the ideas for the leaves and snow…the colours are beautiful and I love the honesty with which you describe the entire process…beautiful!

  2. Parinita says:

    Dear Priya,
    What lovely words! It is so good to see your comment. Yes, the colors are very vibrant. And those details that you said gave a nice look to the art…

    Look forward to getting more comments from you soon!….

  3. Padma says:

    Hi Pari,

    Haven’t been to your blog after quite a while because my laptop crashed and was browsing on the phone.

    I’m glad I re-started your blog with this one. Guess what? Your painting reminded me of a Japanese room screen in one store I went to long back, which depicted many stages of a growing bamboo tree on separate panels!!

    Such a great idea and fantastic execution! I like the black outlines and till you mentioned it, I thought it was how you intended it in the first place!

    Loved this work of yours and looking forwards to being a more regular visitor to your page.

    Love and hugs

    • Parinita says:

      Hi Padma,
      it’s good to see you have started visiting my blog again:)

      Oh wow! So that’s a bit similar to what i have done here. I also like those 3 design panels sometime which are showcased in hotels/resorts. And bamboo is beautiful.

      Thank you!

      Yes, my idea was to leave the spaces white, but doing black was a nice idea.
      Without actually thinking to paint it intentionally. And It gave depth to the painting.

      Look forward to more of your visits on my blog.


  4. Kuhoo Gupta says:

    Hi Pari,
    What a beautiful piece of art. Very creative. The 3d effect that the leaves create must be even better when seen directly thru eyes instead of pics. Keep inspiring with your art & writings.

  5. meena says:

    Wow Pari! This is amazing! My 8 year old loves tape resist too! Will share this with her!
    And I really love the way you describe your art! Wonderful!

  6. Chachi says:

    Ohhh My Pari!! Again a very beautiful art.
    I really liked the the idea of 3 seasons separated by tape resist. Even i always had this idea of making 3 seasons on 3 separated canvas. But never got the time though:(.
    I am sure u ve enjoyed a lot:). The tree u have drawn has come very well Pari. I do almost the same kinda paintings,tree,barks enjoy to paint that one. N also the idea of sticking leaves even better than painting the leaves.That is so creative of u. N u saying about the twisted barks , impressive.
    And the snowy bark above which u have painted with white as snow looks really realistic. Keep up the good work Pari.


    • Parinita says:

      Thank you for both of your lovely comments on my blog posts Chachi.

      We can make one like this together once you come next, it’ll be fun!

      I will love to see your paintings Chachi. You can send me the pics.
      Right, sticking the leafs was a easier job to do then painting them it takes less time and effort.
      I thought too that the snow bark was a nice idea.
      Will love to see your paintings once you send the pictures!
      Parinita recently posted…My Intimate Encounter With PuppiesMy Profile

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