12 Cheap & Easy Ways To Renovate Your Plain & Boring Room! + Giveaway

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12 Cheap & Easy Ways To Renovate Your Plain & Simple Room! + Giveaway

Make sure to stay till the end for a exciting 100th blog post celebration giveaway!

I never knew decorating my room, or for that matter – my house – would become the most interesting part of my days, until I moved into this new house in North of Goa. It’s what my dream was made of. It’s how I always wanted my home to be – sliding doors, picture windows, modern bathrooms. O boy, not something my parents fancied a lot, but I do. Yes, I do! Hehe!

So much so that last month when I was going to be celebrating my 10th birthday, all I wished for was people would give me gifts to decorate my room.

The decor bug has caught me by fire also because I’m now totally feeling ready to sleep in my own room.

And, so we needed another bed. Hey, what a DIY opportunity this is, we thought! Forget buying a new one, that decade-old bed was beginning to become an eye-sore! Lemme tell you, I was hating the sight of it for a long time now. So, best time to target it for a experiment.

We broke it down into two singles. Time to breathe new life into it by painting it something upbeat and unique. Me and mamma painted it ourselves, and it’s so beautiful now. Doesn’t it feel amazing to turn something like that into something beautiful without having to buy a new one?

Bringing stuff from the market is fine. But i feel that the happiness of bringing something only lasts for a limited time. Making something yourself is a different feeling altogether. It’s 
so satisfying too.

So here, are 20 cheap easy ways to renovate your plain and boring room!


Me Painting My Bed

1. Giving New Look To Your Old Furniture

we decided to give two different looks to our two single beds, that we created out of a double bed. We chose our own pastel colors (matt finish), sandpaper, wood primer, putty, brushes, turpentine oil. If you care for a quick tutorial, here it is: First sand the surface of your furniture, then fill the creaks and crevices with putty. Apply one/two coats (depending on the “look” you want) of wood primer, let it dry for a few hours/overnight. Next day, we start working on the look we want to create. We were aiming for an abstract striped look with four different colors. We started with small horizontal strokes of blue, followed by turquoise, yellow, and finally pink – just for highlights. We actually left a few patches of the white primer underneath to show through, for a rustic, worn out look. Also, we added turpentine oil to thin out the paint a bit. It looks fabulous.

For the second one, we darkened the colors a bit by adding stainers of the same use. But to achieve a completely different look, we started off with a dark background. So after a layer of wood primer, we applied a coat of dark brown oil paint, in patches, and in a way that the brush strokes will show through. Over that, we applied the same colors – blue, turquoise, yellow, but decided to do away with the pink. It has a completely different look. And is housed in another room. It’s surprising how you can get a whole different look, even if you’ve used the same color palette.

Hand-Painting Our Bed

Close-up Of Our Handpainted Second Bed

Okay, now the second point about how a room can be renovated quick and easy:

1. Frame Your Artwork!

Frame Your Artwork

I stamped together a bunch of words on paper and then framed it 🙂

Framing my artwork is something I always like doing. If you don’t want to frame, just hang a ribbon on your wall and pin your paintings! It adds a very colorful and arty touch.

2. Add some beautiful cushions on your bed to match your personality

Add Color To Your Bed With Beautiful Cushions!

Adding some colorful cushions matching your personality and color theme really adds so much. I’ve chosen some with beautiful quotes as I love to write! Also when you get in the room, if you have some beautiful cushions it just makes you cheer up, it’s like the room is talking to you.

3.  Add twinkle lights! 

Add Twinkle Lights In Your Room

You maybe thinking, “oh but that’s good for holiday and celebration time and stuff.” But no! It looks just as beautiful all year long. I love the feel of a warm lighted touch in the room, especially at night. If you have a softer light you can even use it as a night light, like I sometimes do 🙂

4. Paint branches and display them as a showpiece! 

Add colorful hand-painted branches to your room

This is one of those things that is so easy, and looks absolutely amazing. Just grab a few branches from the woods, clean them, paint them, and display! I absolutely LOVE this guys. And here, you know the problem of finding carpenters to fix hooks in your wall to hang stuff? I’ve been waiting forever till we find one. Well you can just hang stuff on this! I hanged my purse, key chains, scarfs, all sorts of stuff. Interesting, right!? Well, I lost my patience one day – and just hung it on the tree instead. You know what, it’s better than hanging on hooks! *Fun Fact* – If you don’t have a Christmas tree in your room to decorate, and you want one, simply hang your ornaments on this tree like I did during Christmas time 😀

5. Paint your glass windows

Paint your glass windows!

You know how shops and supermarkets always paint there glass windows so beautifully for Christmas/any occasion. I’m always awed by them. I’ve always wanted to do it, but I used to be worrying about removing them afterwards. Well, turns out you can easily remove them! If you wanna know how, click here. They look so festive on your windows, and add a different feel altogether. I did it on my room windows. Even if you don’t do too many christmasy touch-ups to your room but paint your glass, it looks like you’ve done quite a lot! 😉 You don’t only have to do it for a occasion though, you can paint something that’s good all year long.

6. Spice up your plain/blank wardrobe 

Spice Up Your Wardrobe!

See, this is the problem of living in a rented house. We’re stuck with stuff your house owner decided to leave in there.  See that black wardrobe? Sitting there among my cute and colorful stuff like a giant elephant. What else do you do, but cute-fi the elephant – So I  cut out “P’s” from watercolor paper, painted them, and stuck it there. And well, I have to say, the elephant actually looks cute now. I can live with him :D! It’s giving it at least a little colorful and personal touch now.

7. Decals – YAY, YAY! Use cheap and easy decals to adone your walls!

Use Cheap Decals To Cover Your Plain White Walls

Okay, this is not a DIY, but you know what, I just had to share it with you. It’s just looks amazing. Decals add a gorgeous touch to your room. There are over a million to choose from. Anything that goes with your personalty, your room. And it’s pretty cheap sometimes. Honestly, it’s fun sticking them around! 

8. Make your own christmasy festive wrapped present holders!

Your Own Festive Gift-Looking Holders!

Organization is one of the main things to make your room beautiful. It may look good in some area, but when you open your closet, or peek into one corner, it’s stuffed and pretty messy! These are so adorable, and they look like little wrapped presents, perfect for Christmas time! You can even pile them up to look like gifts, and when christmas is gone, use it as holders. Wondering what I’m talking about? Well, read below!

This is how you do it : Take any cardboard box (most of them I used were from couriers or parcels), and fold the flaps down. Then you’ll have a full opening on one side. Then wrap your box, but don’t wrap the opening. Add some pretty ribbon, and you’re done! *Fun fact* – If you flip the box over and the opening is on the bottom, it looks like a wrapped present. When you put the opening on the top, it’s a holder! Cool, right 😀 P.S – Sorry if the description is too long, it included the tutorial on doing it too, so 🙂

9. Use your window sill to temporally store books

Use Your Window Sill To Store Your Books

This is not really something you would wanna do permanently, but temporally its perfect. I have a ton of books, and didn’t really know where to keep them, as I didn’t have any book storage at the moment. But I do have a window sill! Just place your books there, it works perfectly fine. If you’re worrying about it falling, don’t worry, it won’t. Just make sure you don’t have a TOO narrow window sill, or the books won’t stand. It’s even better if you have a wider window sill, maybe it can be permanent! It’s really helpful for me as the window sill is right next to my bed, so while sitting or sleeping, I can just easily grab a book and start reading.

10.  Use colorful papers and write inspirational quotes to stick everywhere

Handwrite Beautiful Quotes On Paper and Stick Them Around!

Quotes is one thing that makes everyone soothing. especially ones that make sense to you and reflect your personality. You just walk in the room, and if you’re in a sad mood you just get cheered up or soothed by reading them. And, this DIY also includes some writing! If you just have a stash of decorated or colorful papers, go through and find some beautiful quotes that struck you from the internet(or anywhere) and write them on your paper. It’s beautiful. Then, just stick it around your room (you can even frame it!) and voila! I pasted them on my wardrobe as it’s so plain, this just added a soothing and colorful touch to it. A writer lover would love this, too! I wrote one about Christmas, as it was Christmas time, and the paper was christmasy!

11. Use cushions that have a painting on them on your bed or anywhere for a arty touch

Use Cushion On Your Bed With Paintings Printed On It For a Arty Touch

Here is one more cushion idea to decorate your room. You can easily find cushions that have paintings printed on them, it just adds an arty touch to your room. 

12. …And, last but not the least – Add your name to your room door

Add your name to your door!

This may seem like, “fine, but that’s kinda..” Actually, no. It makes such a big difference! It’s really eye catching, and when you wide open your door you see the name and glance at the room, coz.. Well, it’s pretty awesome! You can either shop any letter cutout or something for your name, like I did, for “Pari” and paint them at home. If you wanna, you can also bring or make your own little embellishments to put around the name! It also kind of, a ” It’s my room” feeling to me. Haha! That’s me. It also gives a personal touch.

So, that’s it! Hopefully you got some ideas to decorate your room in a cheap way! Most of it is DIYs, and any of the store bought stuff here I mentioned is pretty cheap. My room looks pretty dashing now, unlike how it was with those white walls! 😉 It’s funny how a small little room can suddenly seem big and beautiful with your own DIYs, and cheap stuff. Especially sleeping on my own bed. No need to buy new-new stuff, just transform your old ones. Don’t forget to try all these ideas out!

And now — aha! To the exciting part you all have been probably waiting for..


Yup! Like I promised in  my 100th celebration post which was so special, I decided to do a fun giveaway for all you readers who’ve supported me all these four years in my writing journey. It’s been truly special. If you haven’t read my 100th post, please click the link above. Okay, you must be jumpy now, onto the giveaway.

So, they’ll be 3 winners in this one! All three winners will get one cushion cover each. First two cushion covers are made of microfiber and third one is of silk. They’re quite some chances for all of you, as there are three people to win! There is one cushion cover of a painting, one of a beautiful picture – The third one is a slogan. And yes, the third one is one that I have too! Here they are –

me-sleep-flower-printed-cushion-cover-me-sleep-flower-printed-cushion-cover-m2srmr (1) big



Yes! There you go. Three beautiful cushion covers. Best of luck to you three people out there. I’ll be using “Random” to do the giveaway. Whatever three numbers it gives me, will be the three lucky winners.

To enter the giveaway:

Simply ‘Subscribe’ to my blog (just scroll up and on the top right side it will be there), then, after subscribing, comment down below on this post. If you’re already subscribed, just comment down below! Two easy steps! I’ll get the notification if any one of you subscribe, and then comment here. The giveaway will start from today Jan 28 Wednesday, and will end on Feb 8th, Monday ‘ will end on Feb 14 – Sunday – end of day. ll announce the winners a day after it ends. So get started and subscribe and comment! These cushion covers are perfect for decorating your bed like mine.

Also comment down below what is your favorite idea from these. Do you like room decor, organization, or both, I would love to know! (And hey, as you know, I love room decor more, but organization is fun too). 😀


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  1. Padma says:

    Awesomely documented every step and the feeling behind DIY’s Pari.. I could feel your excitement through the words.. 🙂 Also, wish you a belated Happy Birthday.. Hope you had loads of fun!!

    • Parinita says:

      Thanks Tavishi, nice to have you here 🙂 You mean my name on the door? I got the name cardboard cutouts from a local craft store. I just painted them and stuck it on my door. Taking you in for the giveaway!

  2. Suyash S Singh says:

    Dear Pari,
    Beautiful photos and awesome article.
    I especially like the idea(s) “paint on glass windows”, “Inspirational quotes” and “Painting the branches”.
    Wishing you the very best. Love n best wishes
    Belated Happy Birthday!

    • Parinita says:

      Thank you, Kuhoo. Yes, painting the furniture myself was a great experience for me. The satisfaction you get then bringing all-new furniture from the market! Excited for the giveaway! 😉

  3. sharon says:

    Dear Pari, So delighted to see this post! Welcome to the world of home decor bug bittens 🙂

    I would love to invite you over to guest post your bed and framed pic DIYs if you are willing!

    Write back on this email id if you are interested.

    Happy decorating!

  4. Anmol says:

    Hi, u have a great gift to write in a manner that makes the reader start imagining what u r saying. Nice suggestions.

    Take care. God bless u

    • Parinita says:

      Hello Anmol, thanks for coming over to my blog.

      Thank you so much—it means a lot to me. I’m really happy you said that. I want to write in a way that the reader starts imagining like you said, and makes a picture of what i’m writing about in his/her mind. Best of luck for the giveaway! And yes, thank you very much for subscribing 🙂

  5. suma says:

    This is such a brilliant article, Pari dear. Love the new look yoy have given your bed. I am taking away ideas from here to implement in my home. Love the cycle decal… The twinkle lights… the name on your room door…. the cushions…. actually love it all. Stay blessed swthrt. Love you!

    • Parinita says:

      Thank you Suma! Glad to hear that. I was actually really excited for this article, and glad when I published it. There is a series of Valentines Day ideas coming soon too, so watch out for that!
      Love you too!

  6. Priyanshi Pandey says:

    When is the next giveaway dear Pari? I read your blogs a lot😊 and that brings a grin on my face….I too love decorating my home😍 lemme send a pic of that…oops! Using my phone so…can’t attach it here…😖
    You have Xiaomi! Even I had once 😁 but now I.have IPhone☺ ….

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