Whole Wheat Mushroom Pasta In White Sauce – Delicious!

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Though I love Pasta and can eat day in and day out, lately I was quite bored of the one I generally make at home. So, I wanted to try something unique; something I can relish for days. And, relish I did. So, without any more pretexts, let me share the recipe.

Unique And Delicious White Sauce Pasta With Cheese And Mushrooms!

Here’s how:

Makes 5 small square plates of pasta:

I first put 2-3 cups pasta to boil.
Then i washed the mushrooms thoroughly and chopped them. Chopping the mushrooms is much fun to me, as mushrooms are so slimy and easy to chop!


Later boil the mushrooms. While the mushrooms are boiling, stir it once or twice so it becomes soft.


To Make The White Sauce:

I put some Oil/Ghee-(ghee is healthier) in a kadhai (wok). When the ghee is hot, add garlic paste and saute a bit.


Then I added 2 tea-spoons of Whole wheat flour (Aata) and mix it into the garlic and ghee.

Then I quickly added 1 cup of milk and stirred continuously so that no lumps are formed.


Now, for the Pasta:

Once the sauce is smooth without any lumps, add your favorite seasoning/herbs (i put cheese and Italian herb seasoning (from a nearby super store) and mix.

Then take out the boiled mushroom and put the mushroom in a strainer to take out the water. The water doesn’t need to be used later. It’s better to use the pasta water after you take out the boiled pasta.


Then add the mushroom to the sauce.


The next step is to put the salt. You can even put the salt later, while you put the pasta to know the exact taste. I did not add pepper, but if you like you can add pepper too. And finally grate Cheddar Cheese on it. Mix the sauce thoroughly. And ah!

The last step is to put the pasta. Toss a bit and it’s ready.


Top it with some grated Cheddar Cheese when serving.

Have a delicious time eating it!


I have shared more recipes on Whole Wheat White Sauce Pasta. You can check them out.

P.S. Actually the pasta in this particular pic (above) had thinner sauce than I’d like. I’d make it thicker. The recipe I’ve shared is for a thick sauce. So, just be sure to not add too much water/milk or the sauce may turn out liquidy.

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  1. Chachi says:

    OMG Pari, Pasta looks awesome 🙂 Mouth watering. I somehow missed this post. Will definitely try this one out next time. Thanks for sharing the recipe 🙂

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