Healthy Pasta in Handmade White Sauce – My Favourite!

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pasta in wheat flour and oats white sauce

Hello everyone! Today I ‘ll talk about why and how did I make the pasta.

I love pasta that’s in white sauce more than tomato sauce.

The white sauce is healthy because it is home-made and I used all natural ingredients like ghee instead of butter and wheat flour plus oats instead of refined flour.

If you want to know how did I make white sauce and  pasta lets get started.

Ingredients for white sauce.

3 teaspoons hand made ghee (or butter)
3 teaspoons wheat flour + 1 table spoon oats
2 cups hot milk.
half a teaspoon pasta seasoning
1 teaspoon salt
As per taste pepper


Put some can Ghee or butter in a frying pan…

Then put some whole wheat flour …

Then stir it continuously till it turns golden brown.
Then add all the milk  at a time. make sure lumps are not formed.
Finally put some salt and pasta-seasoning…

pasta in homemade white sauce

Now,the next step.

Saute some onion and garlic in some olive oil
Sprinkle some oregano,  black pepper and grated cheese..
Now add this whole thing to the white sauce…
At the end add the boiled pasta in your sauce and mix very gently.

And great! Your pasta is ready enjoy it with ICY! cold masala – lemonade or any thing you want….


PS: The first  time I made pasta white-sauce with mamma, we din’t put oats. But when we put oats next time around , the taste was as good as earlier. Plus, super duper healthier.

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  1. Mami@ProlificCooking says:

    Wow, thats a real healthy recipe. You know what, I tried it once and Nani and Mannu also loved it! Adding oats is a good idea. Will try that next time. Thanks for sharing this one Pari!
    I am in office today and its raining heavily here. Feel like having this yummy hot pasta(mmmm..)!

    • pari @ tinkerearth says:

      yeah! mami i also love it. it gives me my life taste and cook taste, it’s amazing
      but i a am so sad you know why these times i am not able to make yummy hot pasta
      because,i have no pasta left to make, and it has bean almost a year.
      OK when i come you have to feed me some pasta OK other wise i will be
      cross ok MAMI got it .i will surely come to eat and meet sarah.i love to eat pasta.


  2. Silvia says:

    Hi Pari!

    I am a mom firmo Spain, we are Aldo homeschooling. I have a 7 years old girl and a 8 years old boy.

    We love pasta and our favorite is pesto rosso pasta.

    We lovñe your momma

  3. Prabha says:

    The way you have shared your experience in this post is very sequential. I am so glad that you can think and express your experience one step at a time in a sequential order. Articulating ideas in a sequential order without confusing is a talent one can possess and you have it in you. It helps others to understand what you are saying in a very easy manner. love.

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