My honey lemon toasted bread

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You know these days I feel inspired to cook something new. That’s why I had a feeling today morning that let me do some cooking with my own idea not from any recipe book. So I started thinking what should I make. And then this idea of toasted bread with honey and lemon struck my mind.

So, after breakfast, I ran,into the kitchen, and started making the recipe .it was very much fun making it .i took a round cookie cutter and cut the bread and then I toasted it with some ghee or clarified butter and then I topped it with some sugar’ honey lemon juice and one pinch of chat masala. when it was ready i served to my mamma and my didi who come to our house for work’ and

everyone said that it is very beautiful the way i plated it and after serving it to everyone I was feeling satisfied thinking that I made such and such a wonderful dish and everyone praised it too… see I learned this nice word plated from master chef india on TV which I watch regularly and if next time I will make it then I will put some strawberry or cherries on top and it will add a burst of color as well and I know that it will look nice…..


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  1. Mami says:

    A blog post after a long time :). I just love the recipe and specially more because it is your own idea! I will try this one out soon and serve it to Sarah. Looking at your post I am also inspired to start writing on my blog again. Its been 5 months that I posted anything on my blog 🙁 .Keep posting my dear Pari. Love & Hugs.

  2. Parinita says:

    Thanks a lot Mami! I’m happy you liked my recipe. We can also put nestle ice tea powder on top(which i also did), That will be a nice idea for Kids.

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