My Feelings About Santa Claus

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my santa claus drawing

This is a watercolor painting I did of Santa.

Christmas is almost there, and I can’t wait to celebrate it! it’s my most favorite festival, and there’s more to it too—I totally believe in Santa Claus. I’ve been writing to him since last two Christmas, and now, too. I’ve written a 3-paged letter to him, this time, and i just can’t wait to keep it on my table, for him to see it when he comes to my house!

2012 Christmas: santa's letter to me

Santa’s letter to me in 2012 Christmas.

my letter to santa - christmas 2014

 And this is my 3 paged letter to Santa, this time – 2014 Christmas.

But you know, a couple of days back when we all were coming back from the beach, we wondered: Where is Santa really from? How does he really look like(other than the red and white dress we humans gave him)? Is he really like the fat Santa we usually draw? Or he is different than what we think?(Well, today I read the letter Santa gave me in 2012 Christmas, and it looks like he really is fat, because he wrote it himself).

Have you wondered about this lately?

I so believe in Santa, that I really want to research about him. This research wasn’t like any other research, for me. When you research about topics that REALLY appeal to you,(like Santa Claus was a fun topic for me) it’s much more fun. I found out some interesting facts, which I thought i’d like to share with you: Santa Claus, is also known as Saint Nicholas. In many western cultures, he is said to bring gifts to good children on the night of 24 December.

Hmm… Folks, didn’t I tell you before, i’ve been writing letters to Santa. So here’s some info about letter writing to Santa:

Writing letters to Santa Claus has been a Christmas tradition for children for many years. Some social scientists have found that boys and girls write different types of letters. Girls generally write longer but more polite lists and express the nature of Christmas more in their letters than in letters written by boys. Girls also more often request gifts for other people.

Now that you know something about Santa, you can ask yourself questions you think about Santa, and do share them with me in the comments if you’d like too!

Yesterday, I found this website called Email Santa, and since then i’ve been so excited about it! It contains loads of christmas activites. But no, that’s not what i was talking about—i was talking, that you can send live letters to Santa, track  him, see where he is that second, look at his blog, take his autograph, see him live in his North Pole webcam—oh, it’s never ending!

Wait—but you must be thinking, what is she talking about? Why is she so excited?

See, i know. Those who don’t believe in Santa, won’t find that website too useful. I’ve been thinking about this lately, whether the Santa, on the website – Email Santa, is real. I can’t be sure. But listen carefully—when I was sending a letter to Santa on email Santa at night, there were two options- watch Santa reply to you live(takes time) or make him WRITE back to you(as fast as a fly!). I was SO excited about seeing him live that I choose the live option. As it took it’s time, suddenly, out of nowhere, without a image on the screen—blank, I heard some elves talking on the computer. I couldn’t hear them properly, though I first heard Santa say, in his deep voice, Oh Boy!

But my heart jumped into my mouth when they said this:

“She is leaning toward the computer”. The elf said.

Do you know what i mean? They were talking about me that I’M leaning toward the computer!  Which is totally, totally true! I was right there looking at the computer, and when I whisper-shouted “Mamma!” excitedly, the elves are telling the truth! I’m looking at the computer! And they said the exact same thing!

And Oh, Oh, Oh! When i said so, the elf said: “Shh! She might hear us. Talk softly.” That meant, they knew i’d heard them saying about me to Mamma. So they said, “Shh! She might hear us.

As the elf’s and Santa’s voice ended, the screen again lit up, and started loading.

After that moment,  I couldn’t sit. My mind started racing, my heart started beating faster, my whole body started thinking.

What’s going on? I asked myself.

My parents were shocked too—to listen what I was telling about the elf’s. My Mamma was completely spell bounded, as her mouth dropped open. Night fell, and we all started to go to sleep–except me. I just couldn’t sleep. My mind was racing—again. As if it has just returned from a marathon. I looked at the dark night sky, as i thought.

Santa, i  said if i were talking to him. Santa, are you really the real one, i saw on Email Santa?

Miraculously, it looked like he was talking back to me: “Yes, Pari. I was the real one on the website.


“Yes dear”.



“Santa—santa, can you please appear in front of me? Santa I really want to meet you, Santa.” My eyes swelled up with tears. I could barley talk.

“We will see about that dear”.

“Please Santa”.

“Shh…. Now go to sleep. Good night.”


I smiled as I started to close my eyes. I imagined him taking me in his sleigh, high up in the air. I know, i know. He’ll come for me. I just know. If not this time, but he WILL come next time. But i’m sure he will.

In a few minutes, I was asleep.

I opened my eyes. It was night. I started shivering a bit. I was little scared. I snuggled up close to my Papa who was sleeping on the left to me. Mamma was beside him, then beside Mamma, there was Sufiana. As I hugged him, in a few minitues—again—I was sleeping.

As I woke up early in the morning the next day, I sat in front of Mamma having breakfast. And suddenly, out of nowhere, I saw two red and green elastic rubber bands.

“Did any of you keep it here, Mamma?” I asked.

“No, I didn’t keep it. Neither did Papa”.

I smiled. I knew, I just knew, I just KNEW. That’s it. I knew what it was, who it was from, why it was here.

It was a sign from Santa.

When I explained about the sign to Mamma, she smiled.

Pari, because you believe so much in Santa, that’s why only you will see the sign. No one will, except you. Only you will know, that it’s a sign. No one else. If you show it to someone of your friends. they’ll laugh at you and say, “What are you talking about Pari!” But you won’t laugh. You won’t think like them.

Exactly Mamma. Isn’t it like— in the movie Polar bear express, Santa gives a special bell to a boy, which is only heard by him, NO ONE else will be able to hear that sound of the bell except him.

“Exactly Pari”.

I walked away. I grinned. I was so, so, so happy!

P.S This post is written by my heart, i’ve written it myself. There’s only one proof read—I wrote what i felt.

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  1. Madhu says:

    Merry Christmas to you and the whole family Pari 🙂
    It was so nice reading your letter to Santa 🙂 and yes, the Christmas spirit is in the air! Who knows when Santa would say hi and where? The Polar Express is one of my favorite movies.

    • Parinita says:

      Merry Christmas to all of you, too 🙂

      Thanks, Madhu. Exactly. In Santa’s letter to me this time, he wrote he’d be spending some time in Goa, and i should keep a watch for him, because he will be spending time on Goa’s beaches, too. And I can meet him. That’ll be SO amazing! 🙂 Really? Then I really want to watch Polar Express. We only saw the last part, and i’d love to see it even more. The last part was beautiful. I wonder how the full movie is. Did you like it?

  2. Padma says:

    Hi Pari,

    I am so happy that you could feel Santa! He is the epitome of goodness and giving, and is such a nice fairy to have on your side. as you grow up, there will be so many people who will tell you that there are no fairies, no elfs and no such mythical creature. Keep believing Pari, even in the face of all those who say no. Because there are so many things in the world that man has not discovered or explored. The real magic of nature is the hearts, thoughts and souls of kind, gentle people who never stop embracing their inner child.

    I’m so glad your mamma and papa are letting you soak up the experience of communing with Santa, than what i usual for kids that age – gifts! That you are more happy with Santa’s letter and his little rubber bands,makes my heart swell with pride. You never wrote about what your gifts were or what you found in the sock.

    It touches my heart that you have truly absorbed the spirit of sharing, joy and love. Keep wondering Pari, the magic starts within you.

    Lots of love

    • Parinita says:

      Dear Padma,
      I’m sorry for my late reply 🙁 Thank you for such a deep and meaningful thought. I did not reply until now, because i could not understand what exactly to write. But just want to let you that i appreciate these thoughts that you share with me, and I really liked your comment.

      Padma, I agree what what you said about there will be so many people who will tell you that there are no fairies, no elfs and no such mythical creature.

      I know many people who have said that don’t believe in Santa, but I still believe in him, because my heart says there is Santa.


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