Merry Christmas 2014!

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christmas star

Merry Christmas fellow readers!

Hope you had a great day. Today we were outside the WHOLE day taking pictures of lights lit on houses, buildings, everywhere! The were so so SO beautiful. But other than the lights – there is a long tale to tell you. I hope to post it sometime – if not today/tomorrow.

What did you do for Christmas? We decorated our front yard with lots of lights and stars!

Lots of warm hugs from my family to yours. Hope you have a good year!

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    • Parinita says:

      Even I loved the star Madhu 🙂 the orange colors are shining! Oh no, South Goa is not busy at all compared to north goa. I wonder what it will be like in north Goa during this time!

    • Parinita says:

      Sorry for my late response – Miquela.

      I’m glad you had a good day. But it’s sad that you were sick 🙁 Thank you, Miquela 🙂 We had a great day. The lights at night in the houses and buildings for christmas were just SO beautiful! We left our home since evening to look at those lights. They were really worth watching. I took some pictures, too. Will hopefully want to share them sometime on my blog.

      Happy New Year 2015! Hope you have a great day & year.

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