How I Feel About Not Writing In a While, Pouring My Thoughts. + My New Online Etsy Shop!


We all know those moments when somebody likes our picture, comments something thoughtful on our posts; It’s just that feeling that someone liked what you did. Someone appreciated and even left a comment on there, spending their time writing it. How much ever we try to hide it – we can feel our heart giving a little ‘bling’ whenever we see someone drop a bunch of likes, don’t we?

In this case – it’s someone purchasing my artwork (Shop link is below). Especially if that person is unknown, seeing my phone whizzing a little with a sudden vibration of a new order coming in with a “cash register” ringtone set.

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Behind The Scenes Of An Insta Picture – #1: The Blue House

behind the scenes of an instagram pictures
As we scroll down Instagram, we see some beautifully styled pictures – pictures that look like you just had to put up 1 -2 elements to take it – pictures that seem easy to style – pictures that you think were taken in a very calm environment (haha!) – but have we thought that the process/behind the scenes of those pictures.. aka reality, may be different?

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And The Winners Of The Cushion Cover Giveaway Are…

cushion covers giveaway
I’m so sorry for announcing the winners late, please forgive me! For the past 1 week I’ve been terribly sick, and before that we had gone to Bangalore for the IHC meet – India Homeschoolers Conference. But today, as i’m finally feeling better, I’m announcing the three lucky Cushion Giveaway winners! (To see the post for the giveaway, click here.)

And, like always, what’s a giveaway without a drum roll..

*Drum roll please..*

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100th Blog Post Celebration! – Reflecting On My Writing Journey

100th Blog Post Celebration! - Reflecting On My Writing Journey

Every once in a while I like to check on my earlier posts. I remember one thing mamma told me, that I remember every time I write a post: “Try to make every post better than the earlier one.” Just a couple of weeks back I was referring to my first 2 – 3 posts, and I was stunned to see my writing in those posts! And then I came back to the newer ones , and the difference between them was like sky and earth. In every post you try to make it better than the earlier, just keep improving. And that’s how…

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6 Fun Things To Do On Those Hot & Boring Days

6 Fun Things To Do On Those Hot & Boring Days!Those hibiscus flowers are from our yard :).

This monsoon it really hasn’t rained much compared to last year, and so it’s been super hot and humid. We will be shifting soon, too.  It’s been chaotic, but in between all of this, I’ve still been enjoying. I’ve got interest in some new things, and so those have kept me occupied. Here are 6 cool things I’ve been doing this monsoon!

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The Tinker Earth Giveaway Winner Is…

Gosh, finally! I’vebeen longing whole day and asking mamma, “Mamma, can I please please please see who’s won for the giveaway?” Finally, when it was the right time, my mamma said “yes, sure”. I closed my eyes, and clicked ‘generate’ on the website to see who won.  I wrote 1 – 12, and…  the result was… number 8! Woohoo! I quickly saw who was number eight, and it’s….

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My Botanical Journal, # 2: Mustard

my botanical journal, # 2 - Mustard

Mustard, has been the most easiest to grow till now. It’s germinates really fast, and is really fun to grow.  Have you read my post—my botanical journal part 1 – tomatoes? If not, do click here.

My blogger friend Madhu—or Mridula Prakash, had send me 3 very beautiful journals along with some other things, a while ago. And this– is the the part 2 of my botanical journal which is, Mustard!

My Botanical Journal # 2 - Mustard

Mustard Green Facts

My Experience In Growing Mustard

Mustard Trivia

The Mustard Growth Cycle

It’s so tempting, making little flourishes around the page, making a painting of the things we’re growing in our garden, learning about it. I tell you, I can do this day in and day out—it’s so fun for me!

Hey, have you checked out my second latest post? It’s a giveaway! You can win lots of crafty things. Indeed—and i’m sure those things will be helpful.

A Giveaway – For The First Time!


This collage is made using Pic Monkey. You can read my post about Pic Monkey here.

This is the first time i’m doing a giveaway, and i’m so excited! I’ve been wanting to do one since a rather long time, but wasn’t able to. So… finally,  here it is!

The Giveaway – You can win a lot of things—all together! I’m going to be giving you lots and lots of crafty things. I’m sure you’ll love them, and they’ll be helpful. It’ll be a surprise.

Just comment below for those who want it.

the giveaway goodies!

And… This is the box of goodies! But i’m not showing you the gifts—-‘coz it’s a surprise 🙂 Yippee!

To do this Giveaway process – i’m using Random. It simply shows any number from the number scale you choose – like from 1 – 40,(the 1 – {number} depends on the number of people who have commented on your site to win the giveaway – like if 20 people commented, i’ll put 1 – 20.) and whatever number it shows – will win this Giveaway. Best of luck from my side! I hope you’ll win!

Note: This isn’t a worldwide giveaway. People who live in India can only get these gifts. Sorry to those who’re not living in India. Maybe next time!

Do share me some feedback, about what you like about my blog, or what you think I should improve. Don’t worry about bad or good, just write freely! I really appreciate such comments. Thanks, and don’t forget to comment below!

Update: This giveaway will close on March 29, 2015. And, I’m going to announce the winners on March 30, 2015. Hurry up and comment before the giveaway closes! Just a couple of more days left.

                                                     GIVEAWAY CLOSED

                                   Don’t worry, they’ll be more giveaways coming up soon!

Happy Belated Valentines Day 2015!

Happy Valentines Day 2015

Hey, Happy Hearts! Well, I know this bit a little late. But anyway, Happy Valentine’s Day! I made lots of crafts. I’m really excited to know what did you do for valentine’s day. By the way, here are the list of posts i’ve done. They’re all about the art and craft i’ve done for the special day. Don’t forget to check them out! And don’t forget to like, comment, share. It makes me really very happy!