Unique And Interesting Finds At The Vaadi Beach!

Vaadi Beach

Waves? Water? Puddles? Splash? All the things are there – in Goa!

It was 3 days before. And a weekend, Papa was free. Where did we decided to spend the day? The beach of course! Which beach?  The Vaadi beach!

We decided to have our lunch and dinner on that shack facing the sea. We went for walks in the water, collecting shells, splashing in the water. Of-course, didn’t I tell you – Sufi loves water so much , she couldn’t help going into the water!

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A Unique Birthday Celebration For Sufiana!

Me Sufiana and Papa in Club Mahindra.

Oh my! It feels so different to remember that in my earlier posts, i wrote about how many “months”old  Sufi is. And now, i have written how many “years” she is!

Sufiana turned 1 year old on November 2.

It’s even hard to believe “one year old”. And because it was her first Birthday, we of-course wanted to make it very special. So, the first half of the day, we were in Club Mahindra – a beautiful resort with lush greenery. But, more than anything else, we chose to spend some time there because it has two huge swimming pools and a splash pool. Sufiana loves water and has enjoyed being in the pool before (we call her water baby)

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These Fleeting Moments With My Baby Sister: A Life-time Opportunity For Me


Sufiana (my sister) continues to delight me and dazzle me every day. She’s the joy and wonder of my life. These days, she stands on her own for a longish stretch compared to couple of months back. She holds on to a support and stands for many seconds – with her hands outstretched in the air! As she realizes she is standing without any support, she gets delighted – her eyes sparkling like diamonds and the happiness reflecting in those big, innocent eyes – as if to say, “Look, look! Pari, Mamma! I am standing on my own. I’m having so much fun!”

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Different Ways I Play With My Little Sister-Sufiana Is 9+ Months!


Sufi Playing Piano In Delhi!

Sufi has been fond of music, ever since she was born. When we went to Delhi back from Goa (she was born here) the i pod became a part and parcel of the room where she slept, for she wouldn’t go to sleep without the songs being played on the ipod.

And, knowing her love for music, we knew she might like the piano or the big keyboard that we have. Ofcourse she did!

And, now, the keyboard is where she and I spend some quality time playing notes, checking out the buttons! And she is especially very amused when she listens to the different sounds in the Keyboard named: Heart beat sound, punch etc.

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My Cozy Reading Nook


You might wonder what do I do at home all day. Well, I write, make art, read books. But hey, I also do chores. And, I think it’s pretty interesting. I like to do dishes, fold cloths, clean my room… Oh well! Not everyday, but sometimes when my room gets cluttered, I clean it. But the one very thing I love doing is making a cozy bed for my self. Do you know what that means? Find out…

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