The Dance, and Beauty Of Peacocks; A Trip To Mysore’s Kaaranji Lake Nature Park

I just can’t stop looking at it. It’s sapphire-blue body, in midst of the green. It’s hazel eyes – so detailed with a little white sparkle in each one. It’s feathers as we all know – absolutely, gorgeous.

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Art For Today: Cherry Blossom Stamp Art + Some Interesting Facts

Art For Today : Cherry Blossoms Out The Window

I sighed. I was itching to find a stamping card idea, and execute it in my art. (I was seeing idea’s on Pinterest) but I couldn’t. I don’t know why.

“Ugh.” I scrolled, and scrolled, then suddenly a image popped up.  What? I clicked on the picture and… drum roll! After tons of huffing and puffing, I’d finally found something that I liked…

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A Wild Discovery and An Art: A Tribute to A Fallen, Old Giant

Wild Discovery And A Art - Tribute To A Old GiantI somehow love old trees. Trees with hanging areal roots, trees that are big enough to do a picnic underneath, trees that are tall and strong, with a dark deep chocolaty color to the bark. Bark that are so artful with a variety of textures and patterns and streaks.

One of my favorites was this HUGE tree in three kings church(a beautiful and serene place in Majorda, Goa.) It was I guess 15 – 16 feet tall with huge dangling areal roots that looked like ropes. I’d jump up and try to grab one, and stay up with it.  So, we went to Three Kings Church last week. We’d just parked the car. I was fiddling around on the road leading to the site of the church – trying to make a caterpillar climb on the tip of my umbrella — when I heard mamma shout, “Pari COME FAST! This is the biggest wild discovery ever!” So I left the caterpillar on the stony ground and rushed up to her.

And, I gasped – my mouth agape.

That huge tree, with dangling roots, in three kings church, had fallen. There it lay—the big, old, old tree supine on the ground. It’s thick rough bark shining in the evening sun.

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5 Lessons I’ve Learned as an Organic Vegetable Gardener

Me, taking pictures of our harvest

Do you love gardening as much as I and my family does? Do you hate using chemical fertilizers and pesticides? If yes, are you struggling growing your veggies? Are your tomatoes not ripening? Are they staying small? In this post I’m sharing some of the lessons I’ve (we have) learned from trying to grow tomatoes organically (with zero chemical fertilizers and pesticides) in our kitchen garden – in the ground as well as in pots.

But, before I go on to share my organic gardening lessons, I can’t help but share my joy of harvesting my own vegetables. The feeling is beyond words.
Here are some pictures and thoughts!

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Cycling, Our New Found Joy!

Sufiana and Mama

“Yayy!” I shouted at the top of my voice, as the wind whizzed past me. As I cycled close to my mum, I couldn’t resist yelling, and saying words like, “This is abosuletley awesome, Mamma!”, “this is just spectacular!” and, “this was just FANTASTICHere, we were just going down a steep slope, where I zoomed down and my cycle automatically started pedaling super fast. I was just enjoying so much!

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Unique And Interesting Finds At The Vaadi Beach!

Vaadi Beach

Waves? Water? Puddles? Splash? All the things are there – in Goa!

It was 3 days before. And a weekend, Papa was free. Where did we decided to spend the day? The beach of course! Which beach?  The Vaadi beach!

We decided to have our lunch and dinner on that shack facing the sea. We went for walks in the water, collecting shells, splashing in the water. Of-course, didn’t I tell you – Sufi loves water so much , she couldn’t help going into the water!

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A Serene Spot in Nature: Where the Wildflowers Grow

me and sufi on the side-walk

Goa is the best place ever – for greenery and nature. No matter where you go, you’ll find a water body or two; paddy fields, cattle, cattle egrets and yes – wildflowers!

There is a place called Talolem bridge (with backwaters underneath) not very far from our house where we can hang around for hours. This place is rich in natural beauty. It is carpeted with wildflowers in different sizes and colors! This is what I love about being in Goa – we don’t have to travel long distances to find a special picnic spot. Like we had to – in Delhi or in other places. Here, you step out of the house, and you’ll find a serene, quiet corner to enjoy with family.

I felt so wild and free being there! I so love taking pictures in such places. The beauty of nature here was worth taking pictures of! There was no crowd though we were on the main road.

I didn’t have to worry when crossing the main road to run towards the other side of the fields away from my parents. I could be myself, express my joy and wonder by talking loudly, laughing wildly and running here and there. There were only goats, buffaloes, birds and us!

So, here are some pictures from that wild nature walk!

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Different Ways I Play With My Little Sister-Sufiana Is 9+ Months!


Sufi Playing Piano In Delhi!

Sufi has been fond of music, ever since she was born. When we went to Delhi back from Goa (she was born here) the i pod became a part and parcel of the room where she slept, for she wouldn’t go to sleep without the songs being played on the ipod.

And, knowing her love for music, we knew she might like the piano or the big keyboard that we have. Ofcourse she did!

And, now, the keyboard is where she and I spend some quality time playing notes, checking out the buttons! And she is especially very amused when she listens to the different sounds in the Keyboard named: Heart beat sound, punch etc.

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Coconut Shower!


Today morning i was surprised to see such an old man , he had come to pluck out the coconuts from the coconut tree, because sometimes it’s risky to have so many coconut tree’s. Because the dried coconuts fall on your head. So, that old man climbed up the coconut tree, and we all amazed to see him climbing the tree, i took some pics too. Here are some of them:

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Kashmir: a Photo Essay!

Hey today I’m going to share my Kashmir experience. Some days back we had gone to Kashmir. And you won’t believe how beautiful it was – the weather, mountains, streams. And well there was snow too. There is so much to see there. It was really peaceful…

Now I’m am going to share a photo essay with you all. I’ve clicked these pics with my Sony camera.

A beaudiful big field near pahalgam


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