The Magic Of Taylor Swift

My Love Fo Taylor Swift

Sometimes you get so obsessed with a singer/musician/celebrity. You don’t know what to do. You’ve blasted the music. You’ve put up the pictures. You’ve dreamed meeting that person.  That’s how I am with Taylor Swift. Her songs are on while I’m brushing, bathing, dressing, eating..

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Different Ways I Play With My Little Sister-Sufiana Is 9+ Months!


Sufi Playing Piano In Delhi!

Sufi has been fond of music, ever since she was born. When we went to Delhi back from Goa (she was born here) the i pod became a part and parcel of the room where she slept, for she wouldn’t go to sleep without the songs being played on the ipod.

And, knowing her love for music, we knew she might like the piano or the big keyboard that we have. Ofcourse she did!

And, now, the keyboard is where she and I spend some quality time playing notes, checking out the buttons! And she is especially very amused when she listens to the different sounds in the Keyboard named: Heart beat sound, punch etc.

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I’ve Got Visitors From All Over the World!

Screen shot 2014-02-26 at 10.18.02 PM

This is a pic of my google analytics blog report that shows you how many people visited my blog (in a month) and from what countries. (This picture is a screen shot. And to click picture of an open page on your Mac laptop, you have to press “Command Shift 3” – all together) 

I find it very interesting to check Google Analytics to see how many people have read my posts.

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Music Soothes Minds of Babies and Kids



As you all may know, I have a small sister who is now 3+ months old. And, we have found that she loves music. If she’s crying a lot, switch on music and she will immediately get quiet. Isn’t that cool? And you know how we got to know she loves music? Well that’s because after her birth when we returned to Delhi from Goa she used to cry a lot (may be because of change of place and weather) and whenever we would switch on music she would stop wailing. And, that change was pretty instant. Isn’t it amazing. Thats why we always keep an i pod in the room 🙂  In fact research shows that music soothes infants and kids. Mamma says it may help in their brain development.

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