The Dance, and Beauty Of Peacocks; A Trip To Mysore’s Kaaranji Lake Nature Park

I just can’t stop looking at it. It’s sapphire-blue body, in midst of the green. It’s hazel eyes – so detailed with a little white sparkle in each one. It’s feathers as we all know – absolutely, gorgeous.

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100th Blog Post Celebration! – Reflecting On My Writing Journey

100th Blog Post Celebration! - Reflecting On My Writing Journey

Every once in a while I like to check on my earlier posts. I remember one thing mamma told me, that I remember every time I write a post: “Try to make every post better than the earlier one.” Just a couple of weeks back I was referring to my first 2 – 3 posts, and I was stunned to see my writing in those posts! And then I came back to the newer ones , and the difference between them was like sky and earth. In every post you try to make it better than the earlier, just keep improving. And that’s how…

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My Botanical Journal, # 2: Mustard

my botanical journal, # 2 - Mustard

Mustard, has been the most easiest to grow till now. It’s germinates really fast, and is really fun to grow.  Have you read my post—my botanical journal part 1 – tomatoes? If not, do click here.

My blogger friend Madhu—or Mridula Prakash, had send me 3 very beautiful journals along with some other things, a while ago. And this– is the the part 2 of my botanical journal which is, Mustard!

My Botanical Journal # 2 - Mustard

Mustard Green Facts

My Experience In Growing Mustard

Mustard Trivia

The Mustard Growth Cycle

It’s so tempting, making little flourishes around the page, making a painting of the things we’re growing in our garden, learning about it. I tell you, I can do this day in and day out—it’s so fun for me!

Hey, have you checked out my second latest post? It’s a giveaway! You can win lots of crafty things. Indeed—and i’m sure those things will be helpful.

Coconut Trees Playing Holi – My New Watercolor Painting

Holi In Goa - My coconut tree painting

In Goa, Coconut trees are everywhere. They are just beautiful. And as you see, we have really heavy monsoon in Goa—-when the heavy rains falls on the great coconut trees, it creates a unbelievable splashing sound. In one way, that’s the beauty of goa. So, this art of mine, is inspired by me and mamma looking up in the sky—seeing the big leaves swaying one side of the other, in the breeze. The gigantic leaves, almost touching the ground—the coconut trees.

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My Botanical Journal, # 1: Tomatoes

My Botanical Journal #1
My dear blog reader Mridula Prakash,—or madhu had sent something very special a couple of months back. She send me a pack of 3 botanical journals, along with some other things! If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you must know how fond I am of diaries. Really. It’s actually a while when she sent me those, but I didn’t blog about it yet, because not until now did I actually used them and turned them into something special. The journals are so pretty, I didn’t want to write anything it it until I actually find some perfect to write in it.

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A Watercolor Valentine’s Calendar

Beautiful Handmade Calendar
I’m always excited to do watercolor art. There’s some beauty in it. It can easily merge into anything, it has the softness.

And i made a watercolor art. (picture is above). It’s a really unique type of art, and it’s beautiful. This is the first time i’m making a calendar art like this.

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Word Challenge


word challenge

Me and Mamma had started this word-a-day challenge, that she’d give me one word a day. It can be any interesting word, and i have to write a story around that word. It can be a story, something that happened in my everyday life—anything. It went amazing till the first two days, but then it stopped. Though i’d really like to resume it. By doing that, I was able to learn many words and actually—like my Mamma said, I used those words in my blog posts, too.

Well, see, I read many books—many times i finish 3 – 4 books in a day. And I learn many new words. But I’ve figured, that I don’t really remember the words I find in book in a way with this exercise. When i learn’t the word ‘Inimitable’ in this exsersize, the very next day i used it in a blog post. And now, i feel i will not forget this word my whole life! This word has already registered in my mind, and I use it many ways. I feel that i should continue this exercise with Mamma.

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Learning By Doing: Popsicle Stick Craft

ice cream sticks

You only learn to do something, by doing it. There is no other way. – John Holt

This is so true. You only learn something by doing it, is what i think. There is no other way. I love doing art. And I like browsing on pinterest. So I got inspired by a art technique on Pinterest. There’s no point drooling over the ideas. Unless i don’t do it, i don’t learn to do it.  With my own hands.

Another time,  me and Mamma saw a video about How To Make Pita Bread, and we thought, it’s so easy, and i learned making it. But when you actually start making it, you may figure out that the dough is not perfect, or something else. So you learn a mistake. And you recover that mistake, in the next time you make it. The more you make it, the more you get better at it. And if you make it five times, you get a master in doing that!

So, Mamma bought these colorful ice cream sticks from Confidant, a rental book shop. Sometimes, I get stuck, with only the idea’s in my head. I don’t go ahead and make it.

So I thought to search for some idea’s on Pinterest to do something with the ice cream sticks. I and mamma sat down, and browsed some idea’s to do with ice cream sticks. But nothing was too appealing.  So i decided to do it with my own idea. Right away.

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Five Fascinating Learnings from The Recent Trip To My Grandparents’ Home


Me carrying luggage on the Kumta station.

In my unschooling life, me, mamma, and papa believe that every moment can be an opportunity to learn something new. Trips, of-course, are chalk-full of learning. All that traveling to and fro – by train or bus or flight, seeing so many people and places. If it’s a train journey, nothing else can beat the experience.

That was exactly how it turned out, recently, when we went to Sagara – my grandparents’ place. It was a week-long stay and full of fun and learning. There were many such moments. I’m sharing with you some of those that are top of my list.

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