My Botanical Journal, # 2: Mustard

my botanical journal, # 2 - Mustard

Mustard, has been the most easiest to grow till now. It’s germinates really fast, and is really fun to grow. ¬†Have you read my post—my botanical journal part 1 – tomatoes? If not, do click here.

My blogger friend Madhu—or Mridula Prakash, had send me 3 very beautiful journals along with some other things, a while ago. And this– is the the part 2 of my botanical journal which is, Mustard!

My Botanical Journal # 2 - Mustard

Mustard Green Facts

My Experience In Growing Mustard

Mustard Trivia

The Mustard Growth Cycle

It’s so tempting, making little flourishes around the page, making a painting of the things we’re growing in our garden, learning about it. I tell you, I can do this day in and day out—it’s so fun for me!

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My Botanical Journal, # 1: Tomatoes

My Botanical Journal #1
My dear blog reader Mridula Prakash,—or madhu had sent something very special a couple of months back. She send me a pack of 3 botanical journals, along with some other things! If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you must know how fond I am of diaries. Really. It’s actually a while when she sent me those, but I didn’t blog about it yet, because not until now did I actually used them and turned them into something special. The journals are so pretty, I didn’t want to write anything it it until I actually find some perfect to write in it.

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