How I Feel About Not Writing In a While, Pouring My Thoughts. + My New Online Etsy Shop!


We all know those moments when somebody likes our picture, comments something thoughtful on our posts; It’s just that feeling that someone liked what you did. Someone appreciated and even left a comment on there, spending their time writing it. How much ever we try to hide it – we can feel our heart giving a little ‘bling’ whenever we see someone drop a bunch of likes, don’t we?

In this case – it’s someone purchasing my artwork (Shop link is below). Especially if that person is unknown, seeing my phone whizzing a little with a sudden vibration of a new order coming in with a “cash register” ringtone set.

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Paper Mache Handmade Christmas Wreath

Fairy lights, buntings, stockings, Christmas trees. I absolutely LOVE Christmas decorating. Bright strokes of red and green paint on projects, hanging ornaments from a real tree. One of the most beautiful things that I’m sure even you agree is Christmasy wreaths hanging from your door, with berries and flowers and what not. It just brings happiness through your door. But it’s just not fun going from shops to shops checking price tags like INR 700 and INR 1000 for one small ring with green stuff sticking out of it. I agree it can be tempting, but..

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Art For Today: Cherry Blossom Stamp Art + Some Interesting Facts

Art For Today : Cherry Blossoms Out The Window

I sighed. I was itching to find a stamping card idea, and execute it in my art. (I was seeing idea’s on Pinterest) but I couldn’t. I don’t know why.

“Ugh.” I scrolled, and scrolled, then suddenly a image popped up.  What? I clicked on the picture and… drum roll! After tons of huffing and puffing, I’d finally found something that I liked…

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Latest Art & Craft Supply In My Art Studio!

Latest Art & Craft Supplies In My art Studio

Oh wow! Just imagine… if somebody will tell you to go and buy anything you want, whatever amount, whatever price. What fun will it be? I mean.. that’s just beyond my dreams. I don’t know, but i love shopping art and craft supplies!( online, as well as local art shops) Well, yeah – it’s not that I bring it and don’t use it. No, no. You know how much i like doing craft, right?  So, how about some shopping…

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Coconut Trees Playing Holi – My New Watercolor Painting

Holi In Goa - My coconut tree painting

In Goa, Coconut trees are everywhere. They are just beautiful. And as you see, we have really heavy monsoon in Goa—-when the heavy rains falls on the great coconut trees, it creates a unbelievable splashing sound. In one way, that’s the beauty of goa. So, this art of mine, is inspired by me and mamma looking up in the sky—seeing the big leaves swaying one side of the other, in the breeze. The gigantic leaves, almost touching the ground—the coconut trees.

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My Botanical Journal, # 1: Tomatoes

My Botanical Journal #1
My dear blog reader Mridula Prakash,—or madhu had sent something very special a couple of months back. She send me a pack of 3 botanical journals, along with some other things! If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you must know how fond I am of diaries. Really. It’s actually a while when she sent me those, but I didn’t blog about it yet, because not until now did I actually used them and turned them into something special. The journals are so pretty, I didn’t want to write anything it it until I actually find some perfect to write in it.

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DIY Valentines Day Pop-Up Card

handmade valentine pop-up card

Thank god, for You Tube! There’s so much to learn from the how-to videos. A couple of days back, I saw this popup card video, and instantly, I knew me and mamma should make it together. You know—-since some time, I was really in love with pop-up cards. People used to make beautiful ones—-and I couldn’t stop admiring them.

This, time, when I made this one, I admire it every moment of the day. Before I go to sleep, before I have my lunch. Opening, then closing.  Before we did the last step, we kept staring at the card from different angles, and lifting it up in the air. “Something… Something is lacking there” I said to mamma, squinting my eye at the card. “You’re right. Lets see what we can do”. Mamma said. We’d done lots of things. But nothing just seemed quite right. But I didn’t want to go to sleep without ‘the thing that was lacking’ in the card.

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5 Fabulous Valentine’s Art Projects

5  fun valentine's day projects

I don’t know why, but unlike last year, I’ve been really eager and ecstatic for valentine’s day. My almost every single craft this year is containing a valentine’s day symbol! Heart—anyways, has been my favorite shape for years. So, i’m happy to tell you that, I’ve made 5 valentine’s day projects in the past ten days!

Have you made anything for valentine’s day, too? If yes, do share it with me!

Now, here’s the list of all the valentine’s day art and craft i’ve done.

  1. Love Valentine Tape Resist Art + Oil Pastel
  2. Valentine’s Craft: a Accordian Book In a Matchbox
  3. Playing With Colors: Handmade Valentine Bookmarks
  4. A Watercolor Valentine’s Calendar
  5. Colorful Acrylic Dot Heart: Decorating For Valentine’s Day

That’s it! Happy Valentine’s Week, Happy Hearts! And see you on valentine’s day!