Kitchen Garden Update: Minty Cool Watermelon Juice!

Cooling and Energizing, Fresh Watermelon Juice With The Zing Of Pudina!

Experince the joy of plucking from your own garden.  We have a pot of mint in our yard, and everyday me and Sufiana(my sister who’s 1 & a half years) have been touching them. The air fills with it’s fragrance And after Sufi touches them, the brings them to her nose—she knows the fragrance—-she loves it.

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Healthy Lemony Cupcake

Healthy Lemon Cupcakes

Lemon and Orange – These two flavors are my kind of favorite after the most-favorite one, which is Chocolate. I really wanted to try lemon cupcake in a couple of weeks, because we made Orange Cake a while ago. So, we tried it yesterday—and it was amazing! This simple, light, and fluffy lemon cupcake is just the right way to pop up your mood with the zing of lemon!

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Whole Wheat Mushroom Pasta In White Sauce – Delicious!


Though I love Pasta and can eat day in and day out, lately I was quite bored of the one I generally make at home. So, I wanted to try something unique; something I can relish for days. And, relish I did. So, without any more pretexts, let me share the recipe.

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Healthy Pasta in Handmade White Sauce – My Favourite!

pasta in wheat flour and oats white sauce

Hello everyone! Today I ‘ll talk about why and how did I make the pasta.

I love pasta that’s in white sauce more than tomato sauce.

The white sauce is healthy because it is home-made and I used all natural ingredients like ghee instead of butter and wheat flour plus oats instead of refined flour.

If you want to know how did I make white sauce and  pasta lets get started.

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