5 Lessons I’ve Learned as an Organic Vegetable Gardener

Me, taking pictures of our harvest

Do you love gardening as much as I and my family does? Do you hate using chemical fertilizers and pesticides? If yes, are you struggling growing your veggies? Are your tomatoes not ripening? Are they staying small? In this post I’m sharing some of the lessons I’ve (we have) learned from trying to grow tomatoes organically (with zero chemical fertilizers and pesticides) in our kitchen garden – in the ground as well as in pots.

But, before I go on to share my organic gardening lessons, I can’t help but share my joy of harvesting my own vegetables. The feeling is beyond words.
Here are some pictures and thoughts!

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Kitchen Garden Update: Minty Cool Watermelon Juice!

Cooling and Energizing, Fresh Watermelon Juice With The Zing Of Pudina!

Experince the joy of plucking from your own garden.  We have a pot of mint in our yard, and everyday me and Sufiana(my sister who’s 1 & a half years) have been touching them. The air fills with it’s fragrance And after Sufi touches them, the brings them to her nose—she knows the fragrance—-she loves it.

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