Happy Belated Valentines Day 2015!

Happy Valentines Day 2015

Hey, Happy Hearts! Well, I know this bit a little late. But anyway, Happy Valentine’s Day! I made lots of crafts. I’m really excited to know what did you do for valentine’s day. By the way, here are the list of posts i’ve done. They’re all about the art and craft i’ve done for the special day. Don’t forget to check them out! And don’t forget to like, comment, share. It makes me really very happy!

DIY Valentines Day Pop-Up Card

handmade valentine pop-up card

Thank god, for You Tube! There’s so much to learn from the how-to videos. A couple of days back, I saw this popup card video, and instantly, I knew me and mamma should make it together. You know—-since some time, I was really in love with pop-up cards. People used to make beautiful ones—-and I couldn’t stop admiring them.

This, time, when I made this one, I admire it every moment of the day. Before I go to sleep, before I have my lunch. Opening, then closing.  Before we did the last step, we kept staring at the card from different angles, and lifting it up in the air. “Something… Something is lacking there” I said to mamma, squinting my eye at the card. “You’re right. Lets see what we can do”. Mamma said. We’d done lots of things. But nothing just seemed quite right. But I didn’t want to go to sleep without ‘the thing that was lacking’ in the card.

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5 Fabulous Valentine’s Art Projects

5  fun valentine's day projects

I don’t know why, but unlike last year, I’ve been really eager and ecstatic for valentine’s day. My almost every single craft this year is containing a valentine’s day symbol! Heart—anyways, has been my favorite shape for years. So, i’m happy to tell you that, I’ve made 5 valentine’s day projects in the past ten days!

Have you made anything for valentine’s day, too? If yes, do share it with me!

Now, here’s the list of all the valentine’s day art and craft i’ve done.

  1. Love Valentine Tape Resist Art + Oil Pastel
  2. Valentine’s Craft: a Accordian Book In a Matchbox
  3. Playing With Colors: Handmade Valentine Bookmarks
  4. A Watercolor Valentine’s Calendar
  5. Colorful Acrylic Dot Heart: Decorating For Valentine’s Day

That’s it! Happy Valentine’s Week, Happy Hearts! And see you on valentine’s day!

Valentine’s Craft: a Accoridan Book In a Matchbox

Me and Mamma sat together to do some craft, about some weeks back.  “What should we do?” I asked her. Then we decided to do something with a matchbox, when mamma got reminded of this illustrater who illustrates pratham calendars and books(if you have read). She also does beautiful craft with matchboxes.

“It’s beautiful!” I said after we had half-finished our ready made piece. What we made was that we folded some paper(like you make a paper fan) and sticked it in the match box, then i glued some hearts on the paper, and depending on the heart we decided a word. Like if it’s light blue, the word is ‘Sky Blue’. And if it’s brown, the word will be ‘Sand Castle’. The whole night after we were finished I couldn’t resist thinking about the matchbox.

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Happy New Year 2015!


Hey Fellows!

Happy New Year! How time passes isn’t it? It’s 2015, now. Where we lived was really filled with crackers yesterday, as soon as midnight cracked.

But that’s just not it—infact, my grandma(mother’s mother) came to visit me today—on new year! Isn’t that interesting? She came all the way from Delhi to Goa. I’m so glad she’s come!

On the night of 31 December, me Mamma, and Papa, watched a movie together – Pk. It’s a really amazing movie—it’s Hindi We could hear the booms of the crackers. It was really fun.

Hope you had a good day.

Merry Christmas 2014!

christmas star

Merry Christmas fellow readers!

Hope you had a great day. Today we were outside the WHOLE day taking pictures of lights lit on houses, buildings, everywhere! The were so so SO beautiful. But other than the lights – there is a long tale to tell you. I hope to post it sometime – if not today/tomorrow.

What did you do for Christmas? We decorated our front yard with lots of lights and stars!

Lots of warm hugs from my family to yours. Hope you have a good year!

My Feelings About Santa Claus

my santa claus drawing

This is a watercolor painting I did of Santa.

Christmas is almost there, and I can’t wait to celebrate it! it’s my most favorite festival, and there’s more to it too—I totally believe in Santa Claus. I’ve been writing to him since last two Christmas, and now, too. I’ve written a 3-paged letter to him, this time, and i just can’t wait to keep it on my table, for him to see it when he comes to my house!

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