Some Wondrous Lines From My Favorite Book – Wonder

me reading books when i was small

Picture of me reading books, when I was a bit small.

Previous time, i wrote about the book ‘Wonder’, if you have read.

I remember every single line of that book now, and i’ve read bits of pieces of it at least dozens of times, but i’m still never bored of it. Whether i’m in the the toilet, or doing something, or having food alone, i just read the book. I think i’m never ever, going to think that book is boring in my life. The story in this book, seems completely different than any other book i’ve read.

As we run ahead, i’m gonna tell you what this post is really about. This post, is about lines, in Wonder, that striked me. The lines, that shook me as soon as i read it. I still have those lines in my mind. Every single word seems to be saved in my mind like a picture get saved permanently on a computer until you delete it.

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Book Review: Wonder-You Can’t Blend In When You Were Born To Stand Out


Book Written by R.J Palacio.

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.   Don’t judge a boy by his face.

“My name is August. I won’t describe what i look like. Whatever you’re thinking, it’s probably worse.”

August, is a ten a year old boy. He does normal/ordinary things that other ten year old do. He rides a bike, he eats ice cream, he has a XBOX. Basically, he’s a normal kid like us. But there’s something that’s not at all ordinary about him:

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Book Review: The One And Only Ivan (An Animal’s Courageous Fight for Freedom)

Ivan Book Cover-001

Book by: Katherine Applegate. Published On: January 17 2012

It’s never to late to be what you might have been.

-George Eliot

Animals are like humans. They deserve a life like ours.They don’t need a house, a laptop, a phone. They just like to live in the wild. Eat fruits, sleep on grass. Like Gorillas, they swing from one tree to another. They’re so in-tune with nature. They are not meant to be sitting in one room and watching TV. They’re more active than we are. Living in a human world is not for them. So why do humans need to capture them and make them perform in a circus (or something similar)? Entertainment? Do we not have so many other means to entertain ourselves?

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Book Review- The Railway Children


Written by E. Nesbit Armanda, 1988. Book Originally Published In 1906. 207 pages.

Boy, was i glad to get a glimpse into the life of these three lovable, courageous, characters that lived in this book a hundred years back! Yes, that’s when this book was written. And as I was reading it – page after page, I was yearning to experience a life like theirs – living near the railways, house set in the middle of country fields, where flowers bloom, where they can meet people of all ages, talk with them without fearing. And as i read it, i have started experiencing what these characters did, too.

The story felt so realistic and alive that I felt like I was with them! And, i’d love to be a part of those adventures these children have done. There enthusiasm is catching, they’re funny! And many times, they mean to do something else, and get stuck in a marvelous adventure! Going into tunnels, saving a boy with a broken leg, saving a baby from fire!

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Books I Recommend in the Magic Tree House Series

Magic Tree House Books

I started reading the magical tree house series by mary pope Osborne since two years and found it enthralling. But the only problem in that book these days is that I am growing big and am starting to read books fast. And the magic tree house series is not voluminous. So I can read it in an hour or even less. But story wise I love reading the adventures of jack and annie. The thing I like in that book is: Jack and Annie are brother and sister, and their friend Morgan owns a big library. And she tells them to point to any book, and when they do that they are whisked to any place they want, past or future.  Meet people who are not present now, in old ages. To read more about this book series scroll down.

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