Books I Recommend in the Magic Tree House Series

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Magic Tree House Books

I started reading the magical tree house series by mary pope Osborne since two years and found it enthralling. But the only problem in that book these days is that I am growing big and am starting to read books fast. And the magic tree house series is not voluminous. So I can read it in an hour or even less. But story wise I love reading the adventures of jack and annie. The thing I like in that book is: Jack and Annie are brother and sister, and their friend Morgan owns a big library. And she tells them to point to any book, and when they do that they are whisked to any place they want, past or future.  Meet people who are not present now, in old ages. To read more about this book series scroll down.

Here’s the review of that series.


Magic tree house # 17 TONIGHT ON THE TITANIC.

Oh my, this book is just spell bounding! Have you seen this movie called titanic, well if you haven’t it’s about a sinking ship, in the ocean. Jack and annie have a adventure in the SINKING SHIP! But will they be able to save themselves and everyone on the ship?…


The next book in this series is: # 28 HIGH TIDE IN HAWAII

The magic tree house whisks jack and annie to Hawaii island of long ago, They spend lots of time on the beach and surf, but until- strange ===things happen, And then they figure out a big high tide of ways is heading on their way.! Can they save themselves and their friends in time?


Another great book on this series: ICY ESCAPE! The tree house takes the brother and sister to Arctic a freezing place! Can anybody help them from this terrible cold? jack and annie get some help in help of a friendly sea hunter and his huskies, and some play full polar bear cubs, but their Arctic adventure get dangerous when they find themselves stuck in the ice. Can they go back to the tree house without being caught in a snowstorm? And solve the riddle that will get them home?


There are three books I have already read, but if I read more of these series, I will surly share it with you. And plus i had done one more book review before of many books not only one book series, and if you want to check it out Click here.


Thank you for reading:)

Do you have a favorite book? Do you like reading?

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  1. Madhu says:

    I love reading books too Pari, though I have never really been into Magic Tree House. I dont think they were there when I was young…or maybe I just dont know about it.

    • Pari says:

      Yes, maybe there were not there, or it can also happen that you just forgot about it? Good so we both like reading:) Do you still read books?

  2. Madhu says:

    Yes, maybe I just forgot or didnt know about it. Lucky that you are getting them handy! Yes, I do read. A lot 🙂

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