The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas: Book Review


By far the most disgusting, cruel, and inhumane that has happened in history. It makes me feel sick. The way we used to treat humans of our own as if they were dust lying around on someone’s shiny new shoe or flies on someone’s plate of food. Practically spitting out of their mouth in utter disgust when saying “jew.”

And..why, may I ask?

Because they were not “them.” They were not the blue-eyed, pureblood germans. Oh, and if they are not then what shall we do? I’ve got an idea – put them in rooms with poisonous gas and let them suffocate so much they die in less than 15 minutes. The topic of the holocaust is never-ending. It’s one of those things at which you’re so emotional/ angry at that you won’t be able to stop talking about it.

I’m sure most of you all already know about the holocaust, so let’s not talk about that right now. Let’s talk about this book: The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas.

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Strawberry Cupcakes With Strawberry Frosting! Vegan, Gluten-Free

Ah, finally the strawberry season is here. ‘Tis the time to celebrate. Strawberries are not only yummy in taste, color, but a pretty fruit, isn’t it? Sufi definitely agrees. Strawberries are her favorite fruit. (They used to be mine, but now lichi has taken its place). I used to sigh scrolling down recipes of strawberries shortcakes, Panna cottas, since it wasn’t just an ingredient that wasn’t at home – it wasn’t season time¬† – yet. But now it is.. and I can proudly search strawberry in my google search. ūüėČ

Obviously, like, duh I had to start it off with cupcakes. And double, too. Strawberry cupcakes + strawberry frosting.

Before we get into it…I thought I’d like talking about something that made me want to make cupcakes that were not only vegan but gluten-free, too. Continue reading →

Refreshing and Delicious Nutty Vegan Lemon Bars – Vegan, Gluten-Free, Raw

I’ve been doing a lot of vegan desserts lately. Vegan chocolate bars, vegan lemon cake… But this… by far is the best. It’s creamy, it’s nutty, it’s addictive! The zing of lemon with the crunchiness of the nuts compliments each other nicely. Fun fact, I actually don’t like nuts! And this was the first time I liked them.

The recipe was pretty much our own, with lots of brainstorming, depending on the ingredients we had at the time… I can’t be more happy with how it turned out!

Just think of it, guys. Vegan, gluten-free, raw.. and it tastes so fabulous.

Before we get into it, reasons why this is the best vegan dessert I’ve made till now ūüėČ

  • Creamy
  • Crunchy
  • Refreshing
  • Healthy
  • Delicious.

Hehe, let’s get into it.

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Homemade Vegan Parmesan Cheese!

Pasta is everything in my life. I love it to death. Ahem, sorry if you don’t already know (the whole world knows I love pasta as much as I do, hehe) but seriously. Anyway, I’ve been making a lot of vegan pasta dishes and I love it! I’ve figured out so many recipes whether it’s pesto, vegan cheese sauce…But something I was missing was grating my cheese on my pasta. Until…. now. I made this and guys¬†–¬† my temptation is gone. You can lick it and lick and lick; it tastes so real. It’s made out of nuts and it tastes exactly like parmesan cheese which is so awesome. The best part is it’s super duper easy! A lot of people have been requesting this …so here you go.

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Homemade Vegan Cheese Dip! Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free

One of the things I miss a lot being a part-time vegan, is cheese. I think a lot of us like cheese, don’t we? Whether on sandwiches, pizzas, pasta…¬†it’s one of those things. Oh – and a dip for nachos! Well, meanwhile…

I think I might’ve got it covered. I’m sharing with you today a super scrumptious vegan cheese dip! Ok, let me just say – it tastes¬†so¬†good. And you can trust me. (I’m not like parents who will say so so that their kids can eat healthy, hehe ūüėČ )

I mean it. When I made I was like okay, it might be yummy but it may not taste like cheese. But when I licked it I had to admit that it tasted exactly like real cheese dip. The jalapenos, the nutritional yeast, the paprika…¬†Everything forms into one big mush making this dip taste so real. So instead of me going on… let’s get into making it!

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Our Country’s National Bird Is Going Extinct, Sheep Are Brutally Suffering From The Cold: Animal Cruelty

I think we’ve all been asked this question when we were sitting silently on a red squeaky chair in 1st grade –

“What is our country’s national bird?”

Well, what if I told you.. our national bird was going extinct. You’d have a reaction, wouldn’t you?

So you just did. India’s national bird, the magnificent bird with the sapphire blue necks, are going extinct. Peacocks.

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A Peep Into An Animal’s Heart

It was a pleasant night. We were playing chicklets on the road when rain sprinkled gently on our heads.

“It’s hardly any, I’m sure it’ll go. Let’s keep on playing,” I said.

“But let’s get ready to run if it does,” One of my friends said.

That’s when.. it started to pour. And I mean.. pour!¬† The Goan¬†monsoons, with the trees waving in the wind, rain pattering as loudly as it can on the road, making large thumping noises.

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The Lone Turtle

My fork clinked on the plate. We were in one of my favorite restaurants in Mysore. I was about to put the piece of Pasta in my mouth when Sufi shouted, “parii! Come here, come here!”

I pushed my chair back and ran up to where she was standing, bending in front of a small pond-like thing, glistening. “LOOK!”

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The Dance, and Beauty Of Peacocks; A Trip To Mysore’s Kaaranji Lake Nature Park

I just can’t stop looking at it. It’s sapphire-blue body, in midst of the green. It’s¬†hazel eyes – so detailed with a little white sparkle in each one. It’s feathers as we all know – absolutely, gorgeous.

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Don’t Call Me Sweet; I’m Not Candy

Don't Call Me Sweet; I'm Not Candy.  
“This is a light-board that I made for Christmas, it hangs pictures etc.”

“That’s so cuute!”

“Did you make this? So adorable!!

“I saw the bowl you made, it’s so sweet.”

I know I repeated the words too much, but it’s the truth. ¬†Sweet. Cute. Adorable. Most adults use the same words every now and then. You’re looking so cute, this art is so sweet, your hair is adorable. I know it’s easy for them – just say that one mushy-mushy word and no more has to be said. That one word has plenty of “sweety-ness” already in it.

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