Our Country’s National Bird Is Going Extinct, Sheep Are Brutally Suffering From The Cold: Animal Cruelty

I think we’ve all been asked this question when we were sitting silently on a red squeaky chair in 1st grade –

“What is our country’s national bird?”

Well, what if I told you.. our national bird was going extinct. You’d have a reaction, wouldn’t you?

So you just did. India’s national bird, the magnificent bird with the sapphire blue necks, are going extinct. Peacocks.

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A Peep Into An Animal’s Heart

It was a pleasant night. We were playing chicklets on the road when rain sprinkled gently on our heads.

“It’s hardly any, I’m sure it’ll go. Let’s keep on playing,” I said.

“But let’s get ready to run if it does,” One of my friends said.

That’s when.. it started to pour. And I mean.. pour!  The Goan monsoons, with the trees waving in the wind, rain pattering as loudly as it can on the road, making large thumping noises.

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The Lone Turtle

My fork clinked on the plate. We were in one of my favorite restaurants in Mysore. I was about to put the piece of Pasta in my mouth when Sufi shouted, “parii! Come here, come here!”

I pushed my chair back and ran up to where she was standing, bending in front of a small pond-like thing, glistening. “LOOK!”

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The Dance, and Beauty Of Peacocks; A Trip To Mysore’s Kaaranji Lake Nature Park

I just can’t stop looking at it. It’s sapphire-blue body, in midst of the green. It’s hazel eyes – so detailed with a little white sparkle in each one. It’s feathers as we all know – absolutely, gorgeous.

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Don’t Call Me Sweet; I’m Not Candy

Don't Call Me Sweet; I'm Not Candy.  
“This is a light-board that I made for Christmas, it hangs pictures etc.”

“That’s so cuute!”

“Did you make this? So adorable!!

“I saw the bowl you made, it’s so sweet.”

I know I repeated the words too much, but it’s the truth.  Sweet. Cute. Adorable. Most adults use the same words every now and then. You’re looking so cute, this art is so sweet, your hair is adorable. I know it’s easy for them – just say that one mushy-mushy word and no more has to be said. That one word has plenty of “sweety-ness” already in it.

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How I Feel About Not Writing In a While, Pouring My Thoughts. + My New Online Etsy Shop!


We all know those moments when somebody likes our picture, comments something thoughtful on our posts; It’s just that feeling that someone liked what you did. Someone appreciated and even left a comment on there, spending their time writing it. How much ever we try to hide it – we can feel our heart giving a little ‘bling’ whenever we see someone drop a bunch of likes, don’t we?

In this case – it’s someone purchasing my artwork (Shop link is below). Especially if that person is unknown, seeing my phone whizzing a little with a sudden vibration of a new order coming in with a “cash register” ringtone set.

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Paper Mache Handmade Christmas Wreath

Fairy lights, buntings, stockings, Christmas trees. I absolutely LOVE Christmas decorating. Bright strokes of red and green paint on projects, hanging ornaments from a real tree. One of the most beautiful things that I’m sure even you agree is Christmasy wreaths hanging from your door, with berries and flowers and what not. It just brings happiness through your door. But it’s just not fun going from shops to shops checking price tags like INR 700 and INR 1000 for one small ring with green stuff sticking out of it. I agree it can be tempting, but..

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The Very Beany Coffee Quiz – Know Your Coffee!


Coffee has literally taken over the world. It’s the 2nd most consumed food behind oil! Do you like Coffee? Well, this brown-magical-caffiene drink really charms people! And ofcourse, none other than myself. Yup, I absolutely adore coffee. And I mean, ADORE. I bet you didn’t know that! First is obviously the taste, but the aroma – you know you can’t hold back when you whiff that scent as you enter your nearby coffee shop. So guys. You know I had to do a coffee quiz! Coffee is not as bad as you think. Without the sugar put into it because of its bitterness, it’s quite healthy! But.. before we get into it…

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The Goa You Really Didn’t Know – Take This Goa Quiz!

The Goa You Didn't Really Know - Take this quiz!

Who doesn’t like learning more, and more? Especially when you can with just a click of a button. I personally love taking online quizzes – it’s quite entertaining! I’ve been wanting to do my own quiz for long, and now I did it! We’re never too much to learn about our own culture (and others), so this one is a Goa quiz! (Where I live.) Dive in and participate in my quiz, to check your Goa quotient! I’ll be doing many more – quizzes on coffee, personality quizzes, you can never know too much about.. anything. I’ve put together 11 interesting questions for this one (with results!)

Let’s just get into it, shall we?

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10 Instagram Feeds/Accounts That I LOVE, & You Should Follow NOW!

6 Accounts You Should Follow!

Instagram feeds are a BIG thing these days. And I have to say, I agree – I love instagram accounts with good feeds. Accounts that when you scroll through their pictures, every photo goes together. Every photo compliments each other. But quickly, if you don’t know, what exactly is a “feed”?

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